If there is a doubt, there is no doubt

If there is a credible doubt whether the elections of 2020 were trustworthy or not, then there is no doubt that they were not.  This is how public trust works.  We trusted that elections in America were free, fair, and honest, not because we were told there was no evidence that they weren't; we trusted that they were because all doubts that they weren't were — in the eyes of public opinion — obviously incredible or demonstrably false. Once there is a credible doubt that cannot be dismissed by factual evidence subjected to public scrutiny, the trust begins to fade.  And once the trust is gone, it's hard to earn back.  For all the things of great importance that we trust must be beyond reproach, or otherwise we risk being duped by those who desire to use our gullibility for their own benefit and our loss. Yet many elected officials, politicians, judges, and national media commentators are insisting that we must trust the 2020...(Read Full Post)
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