From ‘Don’t tread on me’ to obsequiousness

Leftists have long-since taken over our schools. They have tossed out the classics and an honest teaching of Western Civilization. They have bastardized and rewritten American history to serve their own nefarious aims. They have weaponized ignorance. As a result, too many sheeple people have no idea what’s happening around them. Many believe the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests have been “mostly peaceful” and that these groups just want equal justice and a more tolerant society. Most still don’t know that Antifa is a domestic anarchic terrorist group that believes violence is the only legitimate form of protest against American society. Most still don’t know that the heads of Black Lives Matter openly state that the group is pro-Marxist and intends to “disrupt” the nuclear family. And most are utterly unaware that Democrats used COVID-19 as a Trojan Horse to get them into the White House despite the incumbent’s...(Read Full Post)
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