Dr. Fauci tells us to do as we are told

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci recently noted that we Americans tend to have an "independent spirit" but quickly pivoted to tell us "but now is the time to do what you're told."  So do what you're told.  Period.  No questions, no backtalk. In truth, Fauci needn't have worried.  Americans have been doing what they've been told to do since the "pandemic" was first declared.  We have been masked up and locked down for eight long months now.  Many of us have been told our jobs aren't "essential."  Consider that phrase for a moment.  We have stayed inside, not gone out to eat or drink, passed up traveling, declined to have "minor" surgery or even go to our doctors for a checkup. We have seen our kids be deprived of in-school education and their proms and graduation ceremonies without complaining or asking for our money...(Read Full Post)
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