Disposable Joe

Joe Biden's candidacy is built on his three outstanding "abilities": electability, plausible deniability, and (after he is elected) disposability. Electability Electability was what got him the nomination.  The Democrats' backroom clique thought Biden was the most electable candidate, so they pulled strings to get him the nomination.  Recall that Biden was not doing all that well in the polls and early primaries against Bernie Sanders.  In fact, if the already defeated Elizabeth Warren had not stayed in the race, bleeding away progressive votes from Sanders until Biden had it wrapped up, Sanders might now be the Democrat leader.  Plausible Deniability Tony Bobulinski, a former key man in the Biden Family Racket, appeared on the Tucker Carlson show and drew the outlines of the shady practices that enriched Joe and his family on the backs of the American people.  At one point, Bobulinski talked about how he came...(Read Full Post)
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