Dead man voting

...’The foulest stench is in the air
  The funk of forty thousand years
 And grisly ghouls from every tomb
 Are closing in to seal your doom
 And though you fight to stay alive
 Your body starts to shiver
 For no mere mortal can resist
 The evil of the thriller ...’
      Michael Jackson
      Thriller 1982

The stench of this election is sickening.  While the Democrats' brazen assault on a fair election was foreseen and foretold, Chief Justice Roberts's decision to ignore Pennsylvania's illegal extension of extant election law was incomprehensible. 

Obviously, the Democrats' "steal the election" playbook was written and widely distributed months ago. 

Biden's bizarre basement-dwelling campaign is now comprehensible.  He didn't have to campaign.  COVID campaigned for him because it gave the Democrats the cover to steal.  Yes, multiple Election Day voting problems have been uncovered: computer glitches, missing ballots, and registered voters turned away at the polls, unable to vote because their names had mysteriously disappeared from the registration books.  Post-election, duly registered Republican poll-watchers have been thrown out of counting rooms and the counting room windows covered up!

But it appears that the mother lode of phony votes was derived from the massive write-in ballots that were sent out during the current COVID shutdowns and fear-mongering.  While it is safe for Americans to riot, grocery shop, and work if deemed "essential," it wasn't deemed safe to vote at the polls.  So states sent out write-in ballots.  Lots of them.  In some states, the ballots were sent to every registered voter in the jurisdiction.  In other states, anyone who had utilized a mail-in-ballot during the primary was automatically sent one, unsolicited, for the presidential election.

Jokes have abounded, post-election, about dead people voting from the grave. 

Actually, that scam is very simple. 

Voter registration lists, commonly referred to by candidates, poll workers, and politicos, known as "street lists," can be unreliable.  The lists typically contain the names and addresses of the registered voters, party affiliation, and frequency of voting.  However, states differ in their intervals of list-purging.  Consequently, it takes time for the names of voters who have moved or died to be deleted.

Thus, dead men and other no longer eligible voters vote. 

Image credit: Screen shot from KingXofXPop video, via shareable YouTube.

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