California's voters beat back looney left's affirmative action Proposition 16

California was a lost cause in voting for the president, but there was still a little bit of good news. Proposition 16 failed, by a huge 56% to 44% at last count, smacking down yet another effort by the state's far-left elites to foist affirmative action labeling onto California's diverse population. Here's what Google had on its results (it doesn't link to anywhere) on a keyword search for "Proposition 16 results," citing the Associated Press: This is a huge repudiation.  A big reason is that California has a large Asian-American population, and very large numbers were aware that any newly instituted affirmative action spoils system was going to come out of their hides.  I wrote about that here.  Work your hardest to win some prize; watch it handed over to someone else who has the "right" color of skin as his main merit. Presumably, underrepresented blacks and Latinos would...(Read Full Post)
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