Dems' hundred-million-dollar attempt to buy Lindsey's Graham's Senate seat fails

Democrats, the party of the oligarchy, have failed miserably in their attempt to purchase the South Carolina Senate seat held by Lindsey Graham.  With 85% of the vote counted at this hour, Graham’s 12.6% margin over Democrat Jaime Harrison is insurmountable, and the race has been called by the Associated Press for Graham:

New York Times.

Remember back when the mainstream media were full of hand-wringing over "money politics" and "dark money"?  That was before the political realignment, which has seen the GOP representing the middle class and blue-collar workers, with the Democrats dominating the plutocrats of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and hoping that classes dependent on government money will continue to vote D, despite Trump's outreach to blacks and Hispanics, two ethnic groups that Dems assume belong to them.  

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