Black Lives Matter presses Biden-Harris ticket for quid pro quo

Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter co-founder, recently sent a letter of congratulations to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, who the media have unilaterally declared the winner of the 2020 American presidential election.  The letter, which Cullors signed "on behalf of the Black Lives Matter Global Network," went on to press the duo to act in accordance with the group's agenda.

"We are requesting a meeting with you both to discuss the expectations that we have for your administration and the commitments that must be made to Black people," Cullors wrote.  She boldly added, "We want something for our vote."

quid pro quo?  How nice.  So much for exercising your civic duty.  Screw the republic — show us the money...or else!  A thinly veiled threat emanating from a "global" Marxist network and directed toward an incoming American presidential administration is likely unprecedented.  It is certainly unacceptable — and dangerous if not rejected outright.  It is, in fact, precisely what the Founders were warning us against when they noted that our republican government was suitable only for a moral people.

When people choose to vote only for whichever candidate(s) they think will give them — and members of their particular group — the most free stuff, everyone else be damned, their supposedly cherished democracy is not long for the world.  This is especially true when special interest groups attach specific demands to their votes, tacitly or openly, essentially selling them to the highest bidder.  Is reparations the "something" that Cullors says BLM wants for its vote?  Free health care and college for blacks only?  A limit placed on the number of children white parents can have?

Ms. Cullors, what would you think if a group of Caucasians sent a letter to the Biden-Harris ticket — or to President Trump and Vice President Pence — saying, "We are requesting a meeting with you both to discuss the expectations that we have for your administration and the commitments that must be made to white people"?  Would you be a tad skeptical?  Upset?  Scared? 

And what do Asian voters demand?  Christians?  Nineteen-year-old vegan pangender atheists born on a Thursday? 

Intersectionality and multiculturalism are anathema to a healthy republic — particularly, if ironically to some, to a highly diverse republic.  These twin threats to a heterogeneous society must be unassailably shown to be the clear and present dangers that they are if the American experiment is to be successfully continued.

This is why the (now much maligned) Founders believed in equality under the rule of law...and e pluribus unum.

And it is the only viable way forward.  For all of us.

Graphic credit: Alexandra Koch, Pixabay license.

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