No, it's not unity: Democrats are obsessed with power

Democrats have talked about getting rid of the Electoral College and stacking the courts for years.  It has nothing to do with helping the poor and minorities or else unifying the country.  Democrats are obsessed with confiscating power for themselves and government.  Their policies are an existential threat to our freedom, prosperity, and survival as a great country.

Here are some of their proposed policies:

Reduce freedom of choice on health care.  Their goal is clearly to move toward complete government control of health care.  They don't care how many jobs and communities this will destroy throughout the country.

Premiums and out-of-pocket expenses skyrocketed after Obamacare passed, even though we were promised they would go down substantially.  Prices stabilized and competition returned after Trump got rid of the individual mandate and allowed freedom of choice as to what kind of insurance policy to buy.

Trump mobilized the private sector to help deal with COVID-19.  Democrats want to destroy the private health care industry and considers profits and capitalism evil.

Medicare pays bonuses to hospitals that do not readmit too many sick patients and penalizes nursing homes for sending too many people back to hospitals, so it is no surprise that life expectancy unexpectedly declined for a few years after Obamacare was implemented.

But according to Democrats, pushing for government health care for all, Medicare pays for everything.  That is a bald-faced lie not called out by the complicit media.

Incentivizing Cost-Effective Reductions in Hospital Readmission Rates

Medicare Cuts Payments To Nursing Homes Whose Patients Keep Ending Up In Hospita

CDC Data Show U.S. Life Expectancy Continues to Decline

Have the federal government dictate a mandatory minimum wage instead of states and localities.  They don't care how many jobs it will destroy, nor the cost of living differences and economic circumstances throughout the country.

Have the federal government take away states' rights to have right to work laws.  They don't care how many jobs this will destroy or how much this increases costs.  They just cater to their special interest groups.

Take away opportunities from poor children of all races to go to charter schools or to get vouchers to go to private schools.  They don't care about results or equality.  After all, their kids can go to private schools.  They just cater to their special interest groups.

California's Gov. Gavin Newsom's kids are back in private school while he keeps the public schools closed.  "Freedom for me but not for thee," because powerful politicians are special.

Dictate what kind of car and truck you drive and what kind of power you use at home and at work.  They don't care about the harm these additional costs will do to the poor, middle class, and small businesses.  They claim that these decisions are based on science, but there is not one piece of scientific data that shows that oil use controls temperatures, sea levels, or storm activity.  The climate has fluctuated for billions of years and continues to fluctuate.  It is about government control, not science.

Have the federal government block states from having sensible voter ID laws, which most people support.

Have the federal government block states from having abortion restrictions and have the taxpayer pay for abortions as they cater to the wealthy Planned Parenthood.

While Democrats want to block states and cities from doing many things, they allow freedom of choice to violate federal immigration laws.  They want open borders, which will greatly harm economic opportunities for the poor and especially minorities.

The media and other Democrats say they deeply support women and minorities, but they didn't support any of the conservative women and minorities who ran.  Look at how rappers and Kirstie Alley were trashed when they dared support Trump.  Minorities and women must toe the line to be welcome.

Democrats claim they support all women who are abused with the "Me Too movement."  They feigned outrage when they heard Trump's gutter talk with Billy Bush.  Meanwhile, they wholeheartedly supported Bill Clinton as he used a young intern as a sex toy and inserted a cigar in her.  They supported Bill and Hillary no matter how many women they physically and mentally abused and sought to destroy as they strove for power.  They allowed Jeff Epstein and other powerful men to abuse young girls if one of the Clintons was running for higher office.  They didn't care about Tara Reade, who accused Biden of abusing her.  Those women and girls were disposable.  But Trump had to be defeated because of his character and lack of empathy.

Socialism keeps the poor dependent on government.  Socialism helps powerful politicians and bureaucrats.  Capitalism allows people to move up the economic ladder.  In Trump's first three years, unemployment for all races and education levels hit record lows.

Poverty hit a record low at end of 2019 under Trump, and wages at the bottom were rising rapidly for the first time in decades.

Yet the media and other Democrats want to compound on the big government policies of the Obama/Biden years that yielded the slowest economic recovery in seventy years. Why would anyone support those policies if they really cared about the poor, the little guy, and minorities?  

Democrats say they want to reduce the wealth gap but every one of their policies transfers more money and power to the very wealthy D.C. area where they produce nothing from the rest of the country. That is pure greed and leads to corruption. The wealth gap will be compounded under Democrat policies. The Democrats campaigns were funded by billionaires, not Trump's.

The media and other Democrats complain about too much money in politics so why do media outlets jack up advertising rates during campaigns which prices out the less well funded candidates.

The founding fathers gave the media freedom of the press to hold the powerful and corrupt to account, not to campaign for and with them. It is no wonder that so many politicians become corrupt and wealthy while supposedly serving at the public trough when most of the media doesn't care if they have a "D" behind their name.

Indoctrination is a dangerous thing, whether it is about COVID 19, Russian collusion, the election or, Climate change.

It is a great threat to our freedom and prosperity when social media and other media outlets campaign actively for one candidate while seeking to destroy the other. They actively spread talking points of fake stories with no data while blocking well researched stories on the Biden Family corruption and on the manipulation of the votes.

I am sure that if Trump was winning, the media would not consider it baseless to challenge states that stopped counting, violated election laws, refused to allow observers to watch the hand counting and where computer "glitches" changed votes.

The stock market soared on November 9th because Trump started operation warp speed to get a vaccine and Pfizer suddenly has one six days after the election. It was always baseless to say that Trump didn't take the virus seriously and was responsible for over 200,000 deaths.

It is a joke to say Biden has a mandate on anything. They buried their policies while trashing Trump. The media always lies when they say the country wants to move left. Ever since Obama was elected the Republicans have picked up huge numbers of elective seats, including in 2020.

Thank goodness the pundits were wrong, and Republicans appear to have held the Senate and gained seats in the house to protect against the radical leftists who are striving to destroy our great country.

Image credit: Pixabay, public domain.

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