Biden's 'Build Back Better' shtick is just Obama's swamp again

Summoning his remaining strength after months in his burrow, 77-year-old presumptive president-elect (oh, please no!) Joe Biden (D) declared that "America is back" as he introduced his latest presumptive (oh, please, no!) administration appointees. This begets the question, "Well, where has America been?"  Climbing from the depths of President Barack Hussein Obama (D)'s administration, America has been in success.  For instance, unemployment, which peaked at 10% in the early Obama years, later dropping to 5%, accelerated its downward trend during the Trump era to well under 4%.  This dynamism particularly benefited blacks and Hispanics, whose unemployment numbers also correspondingly dropped.  Incomes rose. Discarding the same old, same old failed ideas, Trump brought fresh ideas and insights into some foreign relations problems such as telling the Europeans to start paying more of their agreed upon share for...(Read Full Post)
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