Thanks to President Trump, General Flynn is finally free

One of the greatest miscarriages of justice stemming from the coup attempt against the Trump administration, which began under Obama before he left the White House, was the almost successful effort to destroy General Michael Flynn.  Thankfully, President Trump has finally ended this travesty and given Flynn a much deserved full pardon.  People are speculating, of course, about why Trump gave the pardon now.  My theory...well, read this post and I tell you at the end.

Here's the incredibly short version of the Michael Flynn persecution: Obama intensely disliked Flynn, who was trying to stop Obama's appalling Iran deal.  In August 2016, the FBI began to investigate Flynn claiming he was working for Russia.  The factual bases for this assertion were ludicrous.

When Trump won the election, Obama warned him not to hire Flynn.  Trump ignored Obama, appointing Flynn as incoming National Security Advisor. director of the National Security Agency.

Not long after, Obama, on the thinnest pretext, evicted employees of the Russian consulate.  As an official member of an unchallenged incoming president, Flynn reached out to then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The transcript of the call shows Flynn urging the Russians not to do anything rash in response.  It was an appropriate and innocent call.  Multiple members of Obama's administration unmasked this call.  It later became clear that Trump's and Flynn's real sin was countermanding Obama's Russia policies.

By January 4, 2017, the FBI acknowledged that it had nothing on Flynn.  However, Peter Strzok kept the investigation open using the Kislyak call as an excuse.  One day later, the infamous Oval Office meeting (at which Biden was present) took place.  Obama was plainly gunning for Flynn.

Just one week later, thanks to an illegal leak, the Washington Post reported on the Flynn-Kislyak call.  Another four days passed before then–FBI director James Comey violated standard protocol to sneak two FBI agents into the White House and have them blindside Flynn — although Flynn was very open with them because he knew his Kislyak call had been monitored.  Moreover, it's now patently clear, because the record is available, that Flynn did not lie to Vice President Pence, which was the charge the FBI-DOJ made against him.

Flynn knew he was innocent.  However, the FBI put pressure on his lawyers who caved and told him to take a guilty plea, which he did.

Enter Sidney Powell.  Powell, who once was a federal prosecutor, understood just how corrupt the system was.  She fought ferociously and finally forced the government to disgorge the many documents referenced above that proved how the Obama administration, and the post-administration alphabet agency rump, abused its almost unlimited power to destroy a brilliant man who dedicated his life to serving America.

Having proved that the government railroaded Flynn, Powell got the Department of Justice to move to dismiss the case.  However, a corrupt, hack judge, Emmet Sullivan, violated longstanding law and refused to dismiss the case.  Instead, he hired an equally corrupt judge to file an unethical and possibly illegal (and really stupid and dishonest) brief against Flynn to block the prosecution's dismissal.

And that's where matters remained until Wednesday when President Trump granted Flynn a much deserved full pardon:

General Flynn's tweet was short and sweet:

(Jeremiah 1:19: "And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.")

I hope Flynn goes after the government with a vengeance, and, even though it's my taxpayer dollars that will pay out ultimate damages, I hope he ends up fabulously wealthy.

Some say Trump pardoned Flynn now because Trump knows he's on the way out of the White House and is trying to take care of his friends.  I disagree.  Even in the worst case, Trump has seven more weeks as president.  Others think (and I hope it's true) that Trump's about to bust wide all of the federal government's deeply corrupt secrets and that Flynn needs to be out of the system.

But here's why I think Trump pardoned Flynn right now, and it's not just so Flynn could have a truly thankful Thanksgiving: I believe that Trump is making it possible for Sidney Powell to clear her decks and focus entirely on proving that America's computer voting systems are completely vulnerable to manipulation and that this manipulation stole millions of Trump votes and sent them to Biden.

With luck and prayer, things are about to get interesting in the next two weeks.

Image: General Michael Flynn in 2016, by Gage Skidmore.  CC BY-SA 2.0.

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