Biden decidedly is not the president-elect

Vice President Joe Biden, the winner of the 2020 presidential election, is now the President-elect, and the lawful successor to our current lame-duck president, Donald Trump – at least according to the major news media.   That would be the unswervingly truthful and accurate mainstream media who, armed with authoritative polling data, sagely predicted this outcome before Election Day.  Declaring Biden the winner is merely the finishing flourish. They’re wrong.

Biden is not the President-elect, and only the gullible will swallow that whopper.  Neither he nor President Trump will be until the states execute their constitutionally empowered decision.  All we have now is the illusion of a victory crammed into the public mind through an elaborate psyops campaign staged by Big Media, Big Tech, and the DNC.

It is just days after this exceptionally crucial election; 71-million-plus ardent Trump voters went to bed, optimistic with Trump’s dominant lead, then began Wednesday shaking their heads and wondering what just happened.  Let’s recap.

In a little over three years, Trump engineered arguably the most dramatic economic recovery in the nation’s history, erasing his predecessor’s economic pathologies. In that period, he revitalized industry, rolled back punishing regulations and tax law, beneficially reshaped foreign policy, and established a national mood of optimism, opportunity, and success for millions in all social and economic strata.

Despite hostility and resistance from resentful actors in Congress, the quisling members of his party, the RINO Never-Trumpers, and the mendacious news media and other public figures, and with insubordination in his administration, Trump soldiered on, consistently delivering on his 2016 campaign promises.

The COVID-19 invasion was a sucker punch that would challenge any leader’s administrative talents. Reaction to Trump’s initiatives fell predictably along political fault lines, with one camp appreciating his efforts, and the other ready to smear as automatically wrong his every act. Still, Trump delivered.

Then came the 2020 riots, “peaceful” protesters in Democrat-run urban strongholds engaged in featuring destruction and mayhem, and their feckless and wrongheaded mayors and governors encouraged them.  Despite Trump’s offers of federal assistance, Democrats simultaneously blamed him for “not doing enough” and for “doing too much.”

The Republican National Convention was inspirational and wholesome, its Make America Great Again message showcasing myriad speakers – ordinary citizens – sharing how the MAGA spirit uplifted and transformed their lives.

Contrariwise, the Democratic National Convention was a tedious serving of anger politics, touting just one message: America is irredeemably guilty and must be torn down and rebuilt according to a Marxist blueprint.

President Trump’s reelection campaign showcased optimism and insuperable energy.  His rallies, several per day, several days per week, had veritable walking cities of citizens flocking to and filling stadiums and arenas.  His supporters’ car and boat parades were marvels in themselves.

By contrast, Biden, a lackluster candidate suffering early-onset dementia, and with a long, unimpressive political record and suspicious legal baggage, conducted a soporific roadshow for the few fawning news reporters and curious spectators, if he was sufficiently wakeful to venture from his subterranean safe space. And now, this bad joke of a leader has, somehow, swept into the presidency? This outcome beggars comprehension and demands rational explanation.

In any counting process as complex as a national election, errors will creep into the results.  But the growing inventory of observed irregularities in this election increasingly raises suspicion about deliberate human machination.  I defer to other writers, who have extensively cataloged anomalies and irregularities, relying on technical treatments and eyewitness accounts. Here’s one such discussion.

One may reasonably argue that Democrats have, over generations, perfected vote-rigging. Having succeeded before and being desperate to win in 2020, they were going to “go big.” Biden’s win benefits them, so it’s reasonable to suspect them.

The misconduct is so big, think of it as political organized crime.  It doesn’t matter if it’s coordinated and centrally-commanded or the work of multiple actors sharing a common instinct. It’s Big Crime.  Moreover, they’ll keep at it because they repeatedly escape significant consequences.  Absent detection, prosecution, and penalty, they’ll continue, getting bigger, badder, and bolder.  Inevitably, they go a bridge too far.

Big Media, Big Tech, and the DNC “awarded” the presidency to Biden, who delivered his “victory” speech to the nation, and now assembles his “transition team.”  They’re in too deep to back out. It is advantage, Trump.  The reported and suspected anomalies should be thoroughly investigated, and if they result in prosecutions and penalties, so much the better.  At minimum, these serve as potent disincentive to future bad actors.

It’s understandably a long shot, but if the Trump team can prove that vote-rigging flipped the election, particularly as traceable to Biden team senior leadership, then the Democrats will be caught in flagrante delicto.

Trump’s winning checkmate will be his masterstroke, as he rightfully claims reelection, nuking his detractors, exposed as they will be to searing negative publicity.  This will naturally raise stentorian accusations of “stealing the election,” with more riotous “peaceful protests” inevitably to follow.  But that’s nothing new; we’ve been through it all before.

Image: "President-Elect" Biden. YouTube screengrab.

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