Vox's Ezra Klein explains what will happen if Democrats win

For over 180 years, the Senate has relied on the filibuster to prevent the tyranny of the majority.  This forced senators to work things out rather than ride roughshod over each other.  Democrats should be especially aware of the filibuster's virtues, given that their decision to do away with the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations means they cannot stop Amy Coney Barrett's nomination.  Despite that, Democrats still want to do away with the filibuster entirely.  Ezra Klein, at Vox, explains why: Democrats have a long list of hard-left initiatives they can achieve only by bulldozing them through with the smallest possible majority.

To his credit, Klein is open about the Democrats' need to end the filibuster if Biden gets the White House and a Democrat Congress:

Virtually everything Democrats have sworn to do — honoring John Lewis's legacy by strengthening the right to vote, preserving the climate for future generations by decarbonizing America, ensuring no gun is sold without a background check, raising the minimum wage, implementing universal pre-K, ending dark money in politics, guaranteeing paid family leave, offering statehood to Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, reinvigorating unions, passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act — hinges on this question.

If Democrats decide — and it is crucial to say that it would be a decision, a choice — to leave the 60-vote threshold in place, that entire agenda, and far more beyond it, is dead. 

The above statement is an admission that 49% of the country does not want to

  • "decarbonize America," an idea that will bring soaring energy prices, decreases in crop availabilities, expensive cars, and rolling blackouts,
  • further limit gun sales,
  • have the federal government involved in setting wages (as if there's no difference in the cost of living from Mississippi to California),
  • put children in government hands even before kindergarten,
  • "reinvigorate" unions so that taxpayers can overpay union employees who then funnel the money to Democrat politicians, and
  • Grant statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, an act that guarantees a perpetual Democrat majority in Congress.

The only thing that Klein left off the list is packing the Supreme Court.  That was surprisingly discreet of him.

However, we know from Biden's frantic refusal to answer the court-packing question at the debate (and Chris Wallace's willingness to let the issue drop) that, yes, the Democrats will pack the Supreme Court.  Once that happens, we will no longer have an even marginally independent Judiciary.  Instead, the Supreme Court will exist to rubber-stamp every leftist idea and initiative.

The result of these efforts will be a nation governed as California is governed: one-party rule that has destroyed what was once the best state in America, for it once was a beautiful place that promised an economic opportunity to everyone who went there and was willing to put in the effort.

California has turned into a medieval enclave in just a little over a generation, with a small oligarchy along the coast and an impoverished inland region.  The state is plagued with rolling power outages, endless fires, a broken education system, an overburdened welfare system, insanely high taxes, urban streets under the control of homeless people with mental illness and substance abuse problems, out-of-control rents, and all the other ills that the Democrats have visited upon that once "golden" state.

Klein's article purports to be an erudite look at all the reasons the filibuster should be removed.  He includes several historically based analyses, including the fact that the Founders themselves envisioned simple majority rule.

However, none of Klein's arguments acknowledges that a fully Democrat party government, should it come to pass, will be socialist.  The Founding Fathers, who had their liberty-based revolution almost two decades before the French had their socialist revolution, could never have imagined Americans who craved total power over their fellow citizens, and whose fondest dream was the end of the American constitutional system.

No matter how much Klein dresses things up, the hard-left modern Democrat party's desire to end the filibuster is a raw power play.  Democrats no longer want to bother convincing a substantial majority of the American people to support the Californication of the United States of America.

If you find unnerving the thought of Democrats with unlimited power, be sure that, on November 3, you mask up, go to the polls, and vote a straight Republican ticket, from Trump on down.

Image: United States Congress (edited in Pixlr) by JessicaRodriguesRivas.  CC BY-SA 4.0.

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