Liberal reactions to Trump's hospital trip give the lie to 'Love Trumps Hate' slogan

Four years ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) ended her quest for the presidency proclaiming:

Clinton's last campaign speech: 'Love trumps hate'

Hillary Clinton finished out her 19-month presidential campaign with an emotional final rally in North Carolina that began after it had already become Election Day on the East Coast, declaring a campaign trail mantra: "love trumps hate."

For liberals, the oh, so clever play on words against their hated opponent meant they were the good guys and gals, symbolizing love for all humanity bravely opposing someone who personifies hate.  So, naturally, they would emerge victorious, trumping Trump.  Well, they didn't, so for the past four years, the liberals have been spewing hate,  acting hatefully, all in the name against Trump.  Or something.  And nothing, unmasked the naked hatred that permeates liberals when they don't get their way as the outpouring of vitriol they instantly vomited upon learning that the president and his wife, a legal immigrant, tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.  

Oh, yes, of course, some liberals kept quiet or even wished the Trumps the best.  Trump's opponent, Joe Biden (D), and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D), were fine examples of how decent people should react.

Joe Biden wishes Donald Trump, Melania Trump 'swift recovery' after positive coronavirus test

But they were outliers; few followed their example.

What follows is a small sample of the liberal reaction.  Warning: It is ugly.  Click on the links are your own risk.

The speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), set the mean tone.  She allegedly "said she was praying for the commander-in-chief and the first lady but swiftly attacked his attitude toward the pandemic."

President Trump's behavior was "a brazen invitation for something like this to happen," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday in the wake of the news he has been infected with the coronavirus.


Vodkapundit highlighted a few, directing his readers to Zwetchkenstiel, who captured more liberal joy, expressed in fervent wishes for death to the Trumps.  LU-U-UV!

Just Jared exposes the public thoughts of some other minor celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Padma Lakshmi.  Ah, diversity.

Legal Insurrection also shares a hate-filled round-up, including a short and not so sweet thought from Hillary's former spokeswoman, Zara Rahim. 

And there you have the  liberal mind in action, embracing diversity and inclusion, where love just can't Trump.

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