Every leftist a doctor now: President Trump gets fact-free hectorings on mask use

Is there anything more obnoxious than a health scold?

About 40% of Democrats are "happy" that President Trump has caught COVID, according to a MorningConsult poll. Some have popped out of the woodwork and expressed just that, making their "I hope he dies" tweets the words they'll be remembered for.

But some are a little smarter than that bunch, recognizing how repellent such a response is to normal people.

Instead of death-wishing, they're concern-trolling. They're the Karens, hectoring President Trump and Republicans in general that he didn't wear a mask and of course he should have worn a mask, they know for sure he caught COVID by not wearing a mask and (they would have us think) they simply care so much about Trump's health. Democratic pols such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are particularly prominent in this, as is Julian Castro:

















Others are saying that because he didn't wear a mask in some photo-ops, he therefore deserved COVID.









Just one problem with all this concern-trolling from the party of death threats: They don't know how Trump caught COVID.

They're insisting that he caught COVID because he didn't wear a mask in this or that picture, often fully protected by White House protocol, which involves testing everyone who enters the presidential residence and offices. They're also ignoring that Trump often did wear a mask, just as he stated at the last presidential debate.

Masks do help prevent the spread of COVID, and ought to be worn in many circumstances, but they are hardly foolproof. Big-mask-wearing Joe, remember, still had to be tested after being in Trump's vicinity, even with social distancing and no physical contact. Nancy Pelosi (and Anthony Fauci) have been caught in public without wearing masks, and somehow they didn't get it. Sometimes the mask wearers get it and sometimes the face-nakeds don't. Julian Castro unwittingly blew apart his health-scolding of Trump by noting that workers who did wear masks got COVID anyway:



The whole argument is garbage.

The fact of the matter is, they have no idea how President Trump caught COVID. He's a president and just by the nature of the job he comes into contact with many people daily right there. It's also possible he caught it from Melania who caught it from a hospital on a visit to comfort sick children, to take another hypothetical example. It could have been any number of ways. The most likely way, it seems, might just be the Secret Service, which has been battling huge outbreaks for several weeks. An agent goes to headquarters to pick up some papers and even with a mask could have easily brought some back. And if you're the president of the United States, there's no getting away from the Secret Service. There's also the baleful possibility that one of our nation's enemies purposely exposed him to it - a few months ago a Chinese reporter with full blown COVID was trying to get into a presidential press conference, quite possibly to spread it. Sinister as that sounds, there's certainly reason to look into it now.

The bottom line though is that how Trump caught COVID is not something any Democratic Party health-scold is actually going to know. At this early stage, there's simply no way of telling. So all the claptrap about masks, whether Trump wore one, or whether Trump deserved to get the disease is a partisan exercise. COVID is an invisible enemy. Democrats would do well to scrap the finger pointing until they have some 'science.' Right now, all they have is rabid Trump-hate. 

Democrats insist he caught it either from the White House event to introduce Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court (although she certainly was unscathed), a fundraiser in New Jersey, one of his big campaign rallies, contact with his young advisor Hope Hicks who also came down with it (and who knows, maybe he gave it to her), or something else that's near and dear to his heart.  

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