Vote Trump or go back to the Democrat Matrix

Well into President Obama's first term, I still bought into the general belief that politics was a noble profession, and our leaders wanted nothing but the best for all Americans.  Sure, Republican and Democrat politicians fought hard for their differing ideologies and constituents, but at the end of the day, they could be trusted to compromise and do what's right. I hate to admit such naïveté, but that's what I thought. But as Obama traveled the world criticizing and talking down the United States, I had this uneasy feeling that something wasn't right.  And as the mainstream media fervidly praised Obama for his globalist and anti-American leanings, my mental unease worsened, like a splinter in my mind. When did we become the bad guys in the world? I wondered. And even more troubling, when did white, Christian, heterosexual dudes like myself become the devil incarnate?  I knew that something was terribly wrong, but...(Read Full Post)
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