Liberals back-dooring presidential elections by popular vote is sedition

Yesterday, I filled in "no" on my ballot regarding the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Colorado is interested in simply bypassing the second and third paragraphs of Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution.  No amendment to the Constitution is intended or discussed — no reference to Article V; just a back-door compact.  Please read that again — not even an attempt at pretense for the Constitution, just an end-run around it.

What is Article II, Section 1?  How the president is the president has always been elected.  There has never been a time when popular vote elected the United States president — by design.  Please consult Article IV, Section 4 for a guarantee (without a 90-day return window) of a republic, not a democracy.  The Electoral College exists solely to mitigate mob psychosis.  It is Supreme Law — Article VI — and can be changed only by means of amendment.

This option on my ballot is sedition.  I would say treason, but Article III, Section 3 doesn't really allow for that without some promiscuous rationalizing of definitions.  Seeing as it is the loose use of words that has brought this despicable issue to my ballot, I am disinclined to employ the same tactics.  It is sedition to end-run the Constitution.  It is a direct and willing violation of an oath of office — but nobody cares about those anymore.

Simply put, it will pass in Colorado because, well, Denver.  This is the last election in which I will be enfranchised to vote because I do not agree with prevalent politics in dense urban centers.  Quite the literal sense now: My vote doesn't matter.  But that's hyperbole — my vote never mattered, but that's for different reasons.  Now L.A., NYC, S.F., and Chi-town will pick the president.  Minneapolis and Denver will fall in line withwhatever hashtag is trending and go bash or loot something.  If you aren't a blue-checked urbanite, you will be disqualified from presidential elections.

There it is, on my ballot for God and country to see — sedition — and nobody cares.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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