Biden's Titanic ending

The declinin' Biden saga is almost difficult to watch.

Almost, I say, because his aimless, buffoonish presence during the Obama years should have been enough to disqualify him from running for the country's highest office to begin with.  That and the fact that he has no real convictions other than those mandated to him by the far left.

Now, with only a few weeks left of the most significant election campaign in our country's history, he appears ever more confused and tired during poorly planned stops with a only a few planted supporters visible.  In fact, there appear to be more Trump fans at his meager rallies than his own followers.  Poor Joe can't even count on his running mate to pick up some slack.  She's holed up in some office with an RBG children's book and two enormous American flags.  Watching Biden is like watching the movie Titanic.  You know what the ending is going to be, but you cannot look away from the devastation happening just before the ship's last horrifying plunge.   

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