Towards a new kind of declaration of independence

America’s founding documents are masterpieces of reason, and the application of truth from the minds of men well-schooled in classical philosophy and the Christian Scriptures. The fruit of their wisdom and their labors was the growth of a nation, under God, more free and more blessed in its goodwill and prosperity than any nation before it. There may never be anything like it again.  But our past and our present is under assault by intellectual and spiritual gnomes eager to be loosed from all constraints imposed by an ultimate authority they despise with unbridled ferocity. Both the evil and the genius of their intentions is evident in the diabolical impetus of their planning, its long-term nature, its destructive force, and its employment of every immoral and amoral device to achieve dubious ends.   Their focus is always the literal heartland of America; by seduction, by intimidation and by deceit, trashing everything good and true to win independence...(Read Full Post)
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