Towards a new kind of declaration of independence

America’s founding documents are masterpieces of reason, and the application of truth from the minds of men well-schooled in classical philosophy and the Christian Scriptures. The fruit of their wisdom and their labors was the growth of a nation, under God, more free and more blessed in its goodwill and prosperity than any nation before it. There may never be anything like it again. 

But our past and our present is under assault by intellectual and spiritual gnomes eager to be loosed from all constraints imposed by an ultimate authority they despise with unbridled ferocity. Both the evil and the genius of their intentions is evident in the diabolical impetus of their planning, its long-term nature, its destructive force, and its employment of every immoral and amoral device to achieve dubious ends.  

Their focus is always the literal heartland of America; by seduction, by intimidation and by deceit, trashing everything good and true to win independence from our history and from our God. That they have been hugely effective is evident in the dumbing down and coarsening of our populace by decades of assault on our formal education and the perversion of our morals and values by corrupt media that entertain and inform us. Their greatest victories have come against our churches. 

There was a day in our history when it was said of our churches that their pulpits flamed with righteousness that empowered us. “America is great because she is good,” was the inference drawn by Alexis de Tocqueville, in 1831. But he warned, “If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” 

Today, Christian communities and the church buildings their dwindling numbers occupy bear testimony to their ignorance of the Frenchman’s prophetic insight. Both pulpit and people are flaccid, faded images of what once was, no longer Christ-centered but slaves to prosperity and promoters of notions about social activism that replace the Gospel imperative of repentance with the effete allure of tolerance.  

At this critical time in our history, when a new and baleful Independence Day may dawn on November 3rd, it is not Donald Trump who will save us, but a fresh commitment to the God of our Fathers by those who still call on the name of Christ.  

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Image credit: Needpix public domain