The Trump debate decoded: He won, and he won big

With 24 hours having passed since the first presidential debate, it's becoming clear that Trump won in a big way.  It wasn't an apparent victory, but it was a real one: he showed his base and ordinary Americans that he will always fight while forcing Biden to disavow both his hard-left base and the last of the old-fashioned Democrats who still support him. Don't pay too much attention to the pessimistic pundits.  The worriers worried, the haters hated, the ambivalent were ambivalent, the cheerleaders cheered.  Personality may not be destiny, but it determines post-debates reviews.  You have to understand the pundits' filters. You should still enjoy the cheerleaders for Trump, though.  Here are a few comments from others on the subject, many of whom dislike Trump: Adam Wren, Politico Magazine: "Trump is winning this debate."  Andrew Sullivan: "Trump is dominating. That's the...(Read Full Post)
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