The Trump campaign is creating catchy, powerful ads

When I was growing up, everyone in America watched the same handful of channels.  This meant they all saw the same campaign commercials (usually over and over).  However, in our fragmented media error, campaigns have to hunt down voters to get campaign ads in front of them.  That's why I thought I'd perform a public service and let you see some of the best, most creative ads from the Trump campaign.

While Trump is creating the good ads, it's the Biden team that is throwing money at video advertisements.  According to The Hill:

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign has spent more money on television and digital advertising than any other presidential candidate in American history, with more than a week left to go before Election Day.

Biden's campaign has spent more than $582 million on television advertising since launching his campaign last year, according to data from the nonpartisan firm Advertising Analytics. In just the last week, Biden's team spent $45 million on air.

The figure surpasses former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent heavily during the Democratic presidential primary in a bid to capture Super Tuesday votes.

And it easily surpasses President Trump, whose campaign has spent $342 million in the last two years, according to the firm.

This tactic probably makes some sense when you consider that Biden, with only nine days to go until the election, announced that he's retiring to a monastery on a remote island to contemplate his sins.  Okay, I made up that bit about the monastery, but in a way, Biden's actual plan is every bit as ludicrous as my little flight of fancy:

With nine days left before the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden is off the campaign trail without any in-person events scheduled.

On Sunday, Biden's campaign called a "lid" on in-person campaigning for the day. A "lid" usually also means the campaign will not conduct press conferences or dispense press releases the remainder of the day. Biden's campaign clarified that this was not a "full lid" since the former vice president would speak to supporters late-Sunday evening at a virtual "I will vote" concert.

Scott Adams made swift work of the Biden campaign's decision:

Meanwhile, Trump keeps up his peripatetic schedule, putting in up to three campaign appearances a day before wildly enthusiastic crowds.  So, again, it's not surprising that Biden has elected to advertise heavily.  Trump, though, is advertising wisely.  His videos are funny, powerful, or pointed, depending on the line of attack.  Given the way the television and online markets are fragmented so that a person can channel or internet surf for days without watching ads, I thought I'd share with you some of the best Trump campaign ads.

Get a load of this powerful ad (presumably intended for the radio), attacking Biden's socialist agenda:

And speaking of the Hispanic vote, sometimes the ads just write themselves (Jorge Masvidal is the son of a Cuban refugee and is a champion MMA fighter):

Finally, although this is not an official Trump campaign ad, the vibe seems right for this post:

I won't showcase the Biden campaign ads here; suffice it to say that they're dull.  For example, who really wants to watch a four-minute-long ad showing a bunch of losers from the Democrat primaries offering their opinions about the most recent debate?  Aside from the fact that they're both dishonest and boring, they're also a reminder that the party's younger people are on the sidelines while a fragile, often confused old man is the Democrats' standard-bearer.  As Joe would say, "Come on, man!"

Editor's update: Don't miss this Halloween-themed ad (hat tip: The Right Scoop):

Image: Joe Biden insults voters in Trump ad.  YouTube screen grab.

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