California's Gavin Newsom goes bonkers issuing Thanksgiving COVID orders

For someone whose previous career was in San Francisco's trendy restaurant industry, California's Gov. Gavin Newsom has some bizarre ideas about why people gather; what a comfortable dining experience is; and how people, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, will do what they do.

Nope, he's got some weird stuff up, motivated, he says, by a supposed new wave of COVID:

Kelly ran out of space before she could mention another onerous restriction, which is that only three households may gather. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that neither he nor his constituents are going to observe these ridiculous diktats on the country's biggest family holiday from the comfort of their own homes.

The arbitrariness of these regulations is incredible.  Two hours together?  Why not one point five hours instead?  Thousands of lives could be saved!  What happens when the maiden aunt shows up and it's a choice of her or the six members of her brother's household to make the magic three?  Which one gets thrown out?  What is to be done about those who slip over the six-foot mandate to pass the turkey?  Should they throw the turkey from place to socially distanced place to serve it, to be safe?  What happens if a kid sings?  Does the kid get yelled at and, as a result, cry, spreading ten times as many spit flecks as the original song? 

You can see the stupidity in so many ways.  Political rallies are fine, but don't you spend an extra specified minute together with your disease-vector family.  You'll catch COVID, and never mind the previous 120 minutes.  Oh, and don't forget, put your mask on between the chomping bites.

Every family is different and, as such, doesn't work well with ignorant micro-mandates, such as Newsom is proposing. 

What's worse, the craziness of Newsom's commands comes as a third faded wave of COVID comes on, with very few true casualties.  Statistics show the disease to be less lethal now, even among the elderly, following to better treatments as well as herd immunity kicking in now.  The alarm isn't there as people have begun to learn how to manage it.

But Newsom doesn't think anyone can manage it, so everyone needs him to write some rules, presumably with police enforcement.

It makes so little sense, and we know he knows that, given his restaurant dining background, that he seems to be preparing the public for a "new normal," which is that of a state prepared to dictate citizens' every move, making them dependent on those moves same as China's worker ants.  And of course, leftists have never liked the Thanksgiving holiday, what with its talk of pilgrims and Indians getting along.  It seems that the aim is to alienate Americans from their own holiday.

If this is the future, normal Americans want no part of it.  Nobody, but nobody, is going observe Newsom's intrusive diktats.  What will happen is a rising contempt for the law.  That's starting to sound like the Democrat agenda, turning the entire state into a state of miscreants, blurring the lines between legitimate law and arbitrary petty commands.  With everyone a lawbreaker, suddenly a mugger or rapist won't seem so different anymore.  Out of this garbage, chaos is the only thing that will follow.

Image credit: Needpix public domain.

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