The story behind the robust Orthodox Jewish support for President Trump

The recent Ami Magazine poll of American Orthodox Jewry was no surprise, documenting that 83% of respondents are firm supporters of President Trump.  The last such poll likewise showed strong support for the president, and this time, the numbers were even higher.

Similarly, a broad-based letter of strong endorsement of President Trump by Orthodox rabbinic leadership was just published.  These rabbis, who typically do not issue letters about political matters, felt compelled to speak up due to the historic importance of this election.

Likewise, New York's major Orthodox communities just held massive rallies for the president.  Outrageously, left-wing opponents of these peaceful rallies physically attacked many of the rallies' participants — par for the course with the new "woke" culture, which resorts to muzzling and assaulting those who do not agree with its radical views.

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Why do America's million or so Orthodox Jews — not to mention Orthodox Jews around the globe — support Donald Trump?  While the president's support of the State of Israel is unprecedented and exceedingly appreciated by the Orthodox community, the community's solid backing of President Trump goes much deeper and is far more vast and comprehensive.

America was founded on the biblical values of faith in God, religious freedom, the right to be safe and to defend oneself and one's property, and the importance of economic opportunity and being productive, among other things.  These values have been under attack by liberals for decades and are all very much at stake in next week's election.  The choice between the President, whose policies favor and promote these good and sacred values, and the Democratic Party, in which Joe Biden serves as a placeholder for those who oppose all that is noble and decent, and whose plans to overhaul society will render it a godless, lawless pit of degeneration, could not be clearer.  The Orthodox Jewish community, which is my own religious community, sees the danger and supports the man who shares this awareness and who has a vision to never let America descend and collapse, as would occur under a Democratic victory.

Although Biden-Harris represent the face of the Democratic ticket, lurking conspicuously in the wings for a chance to snatch the presidency next time around is the governor of New York.  This man, whose policies killed an estimated 11,000–13,000 New Yorkers and crippled the state's economy, making it the number-one state for people to leave and choose residency in other states, is pining to be the Democratic candidate in 2024.

We New Yorkers are glaringly aware of Cuomo's arrogance and gross mismanagement of the affairs of our severely damaged and wayward state.  Only by the grace of God can New York survive the remaining two years of this nasty tyrant's rule.  Here is a man who lobbied President Trump for assistance to deal with COVID-19 and New York's bankrupt transit system (since the state neglected to prepare for emergencies and its transit system was not funded, courtesy of Cuomo's failed economic policies).  Cuomo received much more from Trump than was even requested, yet immediately after each request was fulfilled, Cuomo publicly attacked the president in the nastiest manner possible.  Absolutely disgusting and ungrateful. 

This past week, synagogues around the globe read the biblical stories of Noah and the Tower of Babel as part of the annual Torah reading cycle.  Talmudic tradition teaches that Nimrod, whose ancient kingdom included Babylonia and its surroundings (Gen. 10:8-10), was not only an aggressive individual, but an arrogant one as well, for Nimrod was also an apostate, who, by way of his persuasive oratorical skills, encouraged people to rebel against God (in the original Hebrew, "Nimrod" means "let us rebel"), culminating in the construction of the Tower of Babel, for which Nimrod was the primary instigator.  Please view the beginning of this video of New York's governor, and decide for yourself if he is not indeed the modern-day Nimrod.

[UPDATE: As the video below shows, President Trump was more humble than this modern-day Nimrod:]

People occasionally ask us Orthodox Jews how, as people who profess religious morality, we can stand behind President Trump.  Aside from the fact that the numerous accusations against Trump have been discredited, let's assume the worst.

The obvious response is that we are voting for the president's policies.  The election is not a contest for sainthood.  Moreover, I find the entire question hypocritical, as it is always posed by Democrats who gush over the Clintons and Joe Biden and would never think twice about wholeheartedly supporting them, despite Biden's history of racism, his pattern of lies and plagiarism, and overwhelming evidence that he accepted overseas bribes in return for political favors — not to mention the fact that the Clinton scandals, involving abuse of women, felony larceny and bribery, and all sorts of acts of moral turpitude, to mention but a small sampling of the numerous issues, make anything else look like kids' play and outdo the reputations of the most notorious organized crime kingpins.

May God grant President Trump another four years.  Let us all do our best to bring out the vote in his favor. 

Avrohom Gordimer is chairman of the Rabbinic Circle at Coalition for Jewish Values, and he serves on the editorial board of Jewish Action magazine, is a staff writer for the Cross-Currents website, and is a frequent contributor to Yated Neeman, Israel National News, and a host of other publications.  He is also a member of the Rabbinical Council of America and the New York Bar.  By day, he works as an account executive at a large Jewish organization based in Manhattan. The views expressed above are solely his own.

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