The number-one reason why Bill de Blasio is persecuting Jews

Why would NYC's Mayor de Blasio come down hard on Orthodox and Hasidic Jews for breaking Big Brother's constantly changing rules regarding COVID-19 prevention yet look the other way when thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters recently failed to social distance, wear masks, or wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap? And why would the mayor threaten the aforementioned Jews with fines, shutdowns, and arrests after telling the NYPD to look the other way while felonious BLMers blocked traffic, broke windows, looted stores, set fires, and randomly assaulted uniformed cops and innocent bystanders? And why is TWMINYCH (the Worst Mayor in NYC History) trumpeting the spike in positive coronavirus tests in certain Brooklyn and Queens ZIP codes as justification for his unconstitutional edicts when he previously ordered NYC contact-tracers not to ask any COVID-19 sufferers if they'd, um, "protested" lately? Why one set of rules for one...(Read Full Post)
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