The fix is in for the final presidential debate

President Trump will be silenced during the second and final presidential debate Thursday night if he tries to raise any issues that might be too uncomfortable for Joe Biden or the swamp that backs him.  There can be no question that the Commission on Presidential Debate is doing its utmost to defeat him, further exposing that extent of insider D.C. swamp forces conspiring against him by limiting the access of the American people to relevant information. Two recent actions by the Commission on Presidential Debates reveal the outrageous information control strategy being implemented.  Kristen Welker, the debate moderator, is a highly partisan Democrat working for highly partisan NBC News.  Welker even celebrated Christmas at the Obama White House with her parents, major donors to Obama. Facebook via Breitbart. Welker also has hidden her social media accounts, which ought to be a disqualifier for moderating a presidential...(Read Full Post)
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