The fix is in for the final presidential debate

President Trump will be silenced during the second and final presidential debate Thursday night if he tries to raise any issues that might be too uncomfortable for Joe Biden or the swamp that backs him.  There can be no question that the Commission on Presidential Debate is doing its utmost to defeat him, further exposing that extent of insider D.C. swamp forces conspiring against him by limiting the access of the American people to relevant information.

Two recent actions by the Commission on Presidential Debates reveal the outrageous information control strategy being implemented.  Kristen Welker, the debate moderator, is a highly partisan Democrat working for highly partisan NBC News.  Welker even celebrated Christmas at the Obama White House with her parents, major donors to Obama.

Facebook via Breitbart.

Welker also has hidden her social media accounts, which ought to be a disqualifier for moderating a presidential debate.  Nevertheless, she was empowered to choose debate topics that favored Biden and eliminated the very topics that President Trump would want to discuss:

Foreign policy, where President Trump has triumphed in the Middle East, is verboten.  And any mention of Hunter Biden's activities as bagman for his father in selling American foreign policy — despite being the major theme of Trump's campaign activities — is MIA.  But once again, climate change, already discussed in debate #1and far down on the list of issues that most concern Americans, is on the agenda.  

But it just got worse — much worse.  The AP reports:

The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday that the second and final debate between the two candidates will have each nominee muted while the other delivers his two-minute remarks at the outset of each of the six debate topics. The remainder of each 15-minute block will be open discussion, without any muting, the commission said.

Welker's handpicked, Dem-favoring topics will get a monopoly in establishing the character of each segment of the debate.  This obviously is intended to force Trump to stick to the subject Dems want covered.  And pardon me if I do not trust this assurance that the mute button, whose very existence is an outrage, will not be further employed to silence Trump if he brings up Hunter's crooked deals on behalf of his father, who gets a cut of 10 to 50 percent on the proceeds, according to a text Hunter sent.

Bob Dole let the cat out of the bag eleven days ago when he tweeted, "The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds.  I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine.  I am concerned that none of them support Donald Trump.  A biased Debate Commission is unfair."

Coming, as this information control strategy does, on the heels of social media and Google conspiring to limit the public's access to information on the Hunter Biden bagman revelations found on his laptop's hard drive, we now see the determination of the swamp — the powerful forces that have controlled the federal government for decades — to unseat President Trump in unprecedented ways.  

The Trump campaign has sent a letter of protest, but I doubt that will be enough.

The debate commission already has been self-discredited by backing Steve Sculley.  Trump ought to demand a new moderator and an open format so the people can decide.

There has never been a more outrageous effort to bamboozle the public into supporting a placeholder candidate — a Hindenburg, in Steve Hayward's comparison of present-day America with Weimar Germany.  The richest and most powerful people and organizations are bending all the rules to prevent Trump's re-election.  I can only hope the naked chicanery drives even more people to the polls to support Trump.

One further thought: Perhaps President Trump could turn the two uninterrupted minutes at the start of each segment to introduce his own topic, telling viewers, for instance, that they already discussed it, so he will talk about Hunter Biden's role as bagman.  If Welker attempts to interrupt him, he could demand his uninterrupted time and tell her that she has no standing to interrupt a president.

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