That moment when Trump just let Biden keep talking...

President Trump had several good moments in the final debate, as Andrea Widburg noted in her excellent curation here. In my own view, the standout moment came last, when Trump just drew out Joe Biden on energy, first on fracking, and then on the entire energy industry, setting him up and then ... letting him keep talking. In response to debate moderator Kristen Welker's question about poor communities living downwind of refineries and having health issues, Trump spoke of the jobs that drew them to the area, which had some strength, but he might have added that any such issues were local issues in Democrat-run cities, underlining the importance of not voting for Democrats. It worked well enough, though. But what really helped him was when he got Joe Biden talking.  Like a good probing moderator, Trump drew Biden out on what he really had in mind when he put out maudlin stories of the smokestack era of his youth, and...(Read Full Post)
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