So where's Twitter's and Facebook's fact-check block on Democrat talking points?

The media recently reported that September was the warmest September on record and the United States has had a record number of hurricanes and other named storms this year.

So I am very confused.

We have been told for decades that rising oil, coal usage and industrialization are what causes the temperature to rise, leading to increased storm activity. So why are they up this year with a significant decline in economic activity and oil usage?

In the spring, we saw a tremendous amount of excitement from the climate change fear-mongers because of the slowing economy and a collapsed travel market. They said the climate would have a welcome pause from the existential threat of human-caused climate change.

As with almost all their previous predictions, these were also wrong.

Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris asked Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, in her hearing for Supreme Court judge, what her opinion was on climate change. Thankfully, Barrett has more brain power than all the Democrats on the committee combined and did not take the bait on such a policy question.

If the United States is infected with a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration, and they get their way to impose an existential threat to destroy the economy with any version of the green new deal, I hope the case goes to the Supreme Court. Before tens of millions of jobs and thousands of industries are destroyed so the green new deal pushers get their way the politicians should be asked a few easy questions:

Can you please give scientific data from the last 150 years that shows any direct relationship between CO2 content, oil use, coal use, industrial activity and temperatures and storm activity?  Please provide real numbers instead of computer model projections and talking points. (there is no scientific data to support the intentional destruction of the economy)

Please explain why the global temperatures dropped so much between 1945-1976 that the “experts” were predicting a dire ice age with billions of people dying from starvation.

How is it possible for temperatures to drop significantly and for a lengthy period while CO2 content, the human population, industrialization and oil and coal use were rising rapidly if all those variables cause warming?

Government policies and regulations should clearly be based on factual data instead of manipulated computer models and talking points.

Facebook and Twitter claim they block information from their users to prevent disinformation and if they can’t verify the information. Therefore, they should block everyone who says that the climate change issue is settled. There is no way they could verify that the Democrat talking points are true because there is no data to support it and the media outlets know all previous dire predictions of doom and gloom have been false.

Instead of blocking propaganda, social media outlets and most other media outlets seek to stifle those who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally. They lie by calling the truth tellers climate change deniers, stupid and anti-science.

The greatest existential threat to the United States survival as a great country, our economy and freedom, along with the integrity of our elections are media outlets which actively campaign for Democrats to push their radical leftist agenda. They are a much greater threat than anything Russia, China or Iran have ever done. They spread lies as if they are true and willingly block anyone who might tell the truth that would hurt their chosen candidates and they have been doing this for decades.

The choice is easier every day. Vote against those most pretend journalists are campaigning for. They do not have the United States or the peoples’ best interests in mind as they campaign, only power.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain