So where's Twitter's and Facebook's fact-check block on Democrat talking points?

The media recently reported that September was the warmest September on record and the United States has had a record number of hurricanes and other named storms this year. So I am very confused. We have been told for decades that rising oil, coal usage and industrialization are what causes the temperature to rise, leading to increased storm activity. So why are they up this year with a significant decline in economic activity and oil usage? In the spring, we saw a tremendous amount of excitement from the climate change fear-mongers because of the slowing economy and a collapsed travel market. They said the climate would have a welcome pause from the existential threat of human-caused climate change. As with almost all their previous predictions, these were also wrong. Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris asked Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, in her hearing for Supreme Court judge, what her opinion was on climate change....(Read Full Post)
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