The naysayers who think Trump's pounding of the Hunter Biden scandal is a mistake

As Democrats do all they can to keep the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal out of the press, there are also conservatives, who, citing conventional wisdom about political scandals, argue that President Trump is going to lose the election by pounding on the issue.

Here's Frank Luntz, as reported by The Hill:

Prominent Republican pollster Frank Luntz blasted President Trump and his campaign on Tuesday for focusing on Hunter Biden in the stretch run to Election Day, calling Trump’s campaign the worst he’s ever seen and saying the president’s advisers should be “brought up on charges of political malpractice.”

Speaking at a briefing for the British strategic advising company Global Counsel, Luntz said Trump’s advisers have “their heads up their asses” if they think Hunter Biden will be a winning issue for them.

Here's National Review's Isaac Schorr:

The Trump campaign’s decision to make Hunter a centerpiece also took away valuable oxygen that could have been used in far more productive ways. Trump’s path to victory is an issues-oriented election, not one based on the character of the two major-party candidates. The American people have already decided what they think about these two men; Biden will win the empathy gap every single time. Trump’s strength lies in his record: a string of foreign policy successes, a booming pre-coronavirus economy, a sane energy policy, a promise to continue to treat China as the geopolitical rival that it is. A campaign that made the Andy McCarthy case for the president would have been far more successful than the one that has relied upon Rudy Giuliani and a wayward soul like Hunter Biden.

And here's another one from The Hill, headlined:

GOP to Trump: Focus on policy

They're obviously referencing the Clinton era of nonstop scandals, which were complicated and never resonated with the public, given that the Clinton era was one of prosperity and Americans cared plenty about that. But they're still wrong.

That's because they don't understand what the Trump era is all about, which is putting an end to the 'one set of rules for the elites, and another set for us' that thus far has proven potent with voters.

Hunter Biden, in fact, is an emblem of the elites living by a set of rules that would get any of the rest of us put in jail. Think of some smaller fry who got tangled up in political corruption. Did Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr.'s trips to Europe with campaign funds, which put in him jail and out of office, come close to selling access to power for a big price? One set of rules for the powerful, another set for the not-so-powerful.

Biden Junior's acts in fact are often referred to as "business activities" but that's a misnomer, too: The computer emails suggest they were bona fide influence-peddling operations -- pay me money, get to meet my dad and ask him anything you want. Pay to play, as the Clintoons used to call it. Does the average American get to meet Joe Biden, too, and tell him what's on his mind? Not in the least. But if you're a corrupt Kazakh satrap or rotten Chinese oligarch, rich and powerful in your own right, well, things are different. Money talks, at least around the Bidens. This wasn't anything anyone could call "business." Those hellholes buying the influence don't have business, not in the way we understand it. The business was naked bribery. 

Biden Junior's activities were also highly compromised ones - given his dissolute rich wastrel son lifestyle, characterized in one email as a billionaire lifestyle, with evidence of pervy sex, drug use and possibly lewd and lascivious behavior with minors, if not sex, all within the computer records. All of that would have been well-known to America's adversaries, such as the Chinese and Russians, making him a perfect subject for blackmail. If he's blackmailed, it means he'll do anything they want, so long as the blackmail holds. Not a good thing for a family member of a president, and an especially raw deal for the Americans who voted for him, expecting something better.

The selling of public office for access (for big bucks) in fact is revolting to the public because it's so mercenary, leaving the American people these crooks purport to serve in the dust. Is Joe Biden running for office to represent us, or to enrich his family? What's the priority with him, given what these emails show? Anybody ask him? How can we know he's telling the truth? He's been a cipher in fact, agreeing to this, denying that, as the political winds blow, so no one knows what he will really do as president, a factor made worse by his failing mental faculties. But these corruption emails show what Biden's really about -- making money for himself and living a billionaire lifestyle, like the emails said. So much for Honest Scranton Joe, the man who rides the train. They tell us something concrete about him we couldn't see before and it's not pretty. "You don't have to do this, Joe," said President Obama to him before he announced he was going to run. It makes you wonder how much the former president knew.

People in fact want to know that their government is honest, and the people they give their votes to won't abuse that trust. Voting for an outright criminal, and crime is exactly what these emails show, is repugnant. What's going to come next? Will Hunter Biden make himself a billionaire if his dad wins office, following his dad around on his foreign travels with a black bag outstretched? How many newer and bigger crimes will come next if Joe takes office? What other crimes against public trust will happen as the little guy continues to get busted for small-fry misappropriations and violations, all the in the name of 'rule of law'? What 'rule of law' with these high crimes going on? You know the corrupted press will never ask, so the public will just have to take whatever is dished out, powerless to respond.

Schorr argues that Trump reaped political hay from voters off his "drain the swamp" and "Crooked Hillary" campaign monickers in 2016, as if that example weren't even more valid with Joe Biden.

The press and social media platform effort to cover up the matter shows just how potent this scandal is. If it's such a non-issue, Schorr thinks, why are Facebook and Twitter trying to cover it up? Why is Team Biden tongue-tied and trying to change the subject? Isn't it the Biden strategy to let Trump keep talking as he hides in his basement? 

I can't figure out why he thinks this is different in fact, it certainly swung me to the Trump camp in 2016. I liked that the man was a fighter and was sensitive to these disgusting pay-to-play games that everyone in the press was gaslighting as old news or unimportant.

One set of rules for the elites, another set for us.

It's still a potent theme. It's probably not a perfect one, given that Trump has been in office for years and we haven't seen any major arrests. But his instinct is correct and there's reason to think that with nothing to lose after re-election, he may well find a way to act.

It's also important, as Trump's critics above say, that Trump does bring up his policies, too, bringing up one does not exclude the others in fact. Trump's stellar handling of the COVID crisis with hospital ships, ramped up PPE and ventilator manufacture, and a breakneck vaccine program stand in stark contrast to the Democrat governors' lockdowns, forcings of people to die alone, and seedings of nursing homes with COVID patients. In the COVID response, there was also inequality there, too: Leftist political rallies, protests, riots and mass lootings went on with impunity, while church services and gyms were shut down, with arrests-that-stick and often jailings following.

One set of rules for them, one set for us.

And yes, Trump should also discuss and hammer home his educational policy plans, including a big shutdown of the 1619 Project, teaching small children to hate their country, and the critical importance of charter schools, especially for minority and poor families, who, knowing what failing schools are, (one set of schools for them, one set for us), care about this more than anyone. With Biden on record as being all for the teachers unions and their vile agendas, it's important to hammer this, too.

And Trump's stellar foreign policy successes, truly amazing because they were brought on without resorting to the neo-con strategy of "American power" (read: war), is also a big policy point. American's low-level service people paid the the price of that, in blood and treasure, while perfumed princes at the Pentagon, the very ones who spend their time as deep staters trying to undercut their commander in chief now, always prefer the wars to go on, since, after all, they pay nothing, but get nice promotions. One set of rules for them, another set for us.

Yes, Trump needs to bring these matters up. But public trust is also a potent issue. People need to know their leaders are honest. Trump lives that. Joe Biden's emails show that he does not. The Biden emails have already begun moving the polls, as a recent IBD/TIPP poll showed, because it's one of the most disgusting and disturbing scandals in American political history, something that tops anything Warren Harding or any other scandal-plagued president has done. A Joe Biden win will create that, along with lots of gaslighting to say that nothing is going on. We'll become like a Central American or African country where no one trusts anything their government is doing if Joe Biden wins with this unaddressed. That's a bad prospect.

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