NASCAR has become a microcosm of the Democratic Party.

I was listening to the NASCAR race at Concord, N.C. last Sunday.  I was several times "treated" to a commercial decrying racism and racial inequality.  After hearing it for the third time, I began to think about the transformation NASCAR, whose TV ratings are down, is trying to pull off. NASCAR, founded in 1948, was content to sanction races for seventy years.  Then, on October 1, 2018, it appointed Steve Phelps as its president.  Of the appointment, Matt Weaver, Autoweek columnist, wrote, "And for the first time since the decline of NASCAR's mainstream popularity began, the sanctioning body is publicly admitting what Phelps is calling a headwind — the challenges major league stock car racing will face as it looks to discover its place in modern American pop culture." It has become obvious what Phelps's answer is to NASCAR's "headwind," to its looking "to discover its place in modern...(Read Full Post)
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