What is at stake in this election? Freedom, liberty, justice, law and order

Despite their obvious contempt for the restrictions the Constitution places on government, the Democrats are not above citing it constantly as if it meant something to them, as they are during the Barrett hearings.  Their sad candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, pretend to revere it, but if they win, they will set about undermining it, as Barack Obama certainly did, to the point of tearing it to shreds.

The genius of the Constitution is, first and foremost, its reverence for individual freedom; liberty and justice for all; and, the basis of any civil society, law and order.  In the presidential debate with President Trump, Biden refused to utter the words "law and order."  Throughout the summer months that saw numerous cities destroyed by rioting, looting, and arson, neither he nor Harris condemned the destructive violence.  It will take years and years and billions of dollars for Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and other cities to recover — if that is even possible.

Harris not only approved of these "peaceful protests," but encouraged them by vowing they would not end before nor after the election.  She raises money to bail out the violent thugs who perpetrated the barbarity.  Once free, some of them have gone on to commit further crimes, even murder in a couple of cases.  As everyone knows, most of the rioting has been committed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both groups financed by a variety of shadowy groups that embrace Marxism/communism.  Members of these two groups are recruited, trained, supplied with the necessary gear for rioting and transported to every flashpoint on a moment's notice, put up in nice hotels, and sent out to do as much damage as possible.  They mean to destroy America as founded.

Given the vast knowledge available as to who these groups are and that their intentions are dire, it was shocking when Biden, in that same debate, said, "Antifa is just an idea!"  If he is that ignorant of the facts on the ground, he has no business in the Oval Office.  He has, like Harris, supported the Defund the Police Movement!  In the face of rampant crime, especially in states that have adopted the no-bail policy, this proves that Biden and Harris are part of the revolution being fomented by Antifa and BLM. 

Because of their support for this criminality across the board, it is safe to say that a Biden/Harris administration would be devastating — for American life as we know it and certainly for the Constitution.  The tyranny of political correctness (no free speech), cancel culture, and the conservative-censoring vitriol of social media would be the order of the day.  Both Biden and Harris, especially Harris, have made clear their intent to remake America in their Maoist view of how a vast population should be brought to heel.  Keith Olbermann said openly where we are headed if this ideology is to gain power. 

These people do not believe in individual freedom or liberty and justice for all.  They do not believe in law and order.  We are all deplorables to them in need of re-education. 

As Thomas Klingenstein of the Claremont Institute so eloquently describes, the hateful mindset of Antifa and BLM that the Democrat party has embraced cannot, must not be allowed to flourish.  President Trump is the only man standing between those who love America and those who hate it.  JFK would not recognize the Democrat party of today, for it has been captured by the Antifa/BLM Marxists.

Anyone who watched the Barrett hearings had to be embarrassed by the behavior, the condescension and rudeness of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.  They attacked her like junkyard dogs, not as viciously as they did Justice Kavanaugh, but they were baying to tear her to shreds.

Every single Democrat on that committee was reprehensible.  Senator Booker asked her if she condemned white supremacy!  Senator Hirono asked her if she had been a sexual predator!  And Kamala Harris?  She was as loathsome as she was in the V.P. debate.  She is a very unlikeable person.  Barrett's class and grace only made Harris's shabbiness more manifest.  The entire day was a shocking display of those Democrats' contempt for all conservatives and their disdain for an actual constitutionalist.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

America is at a crossroads near to the one faced in 1860.  Donald Trump may seem an unlikely heir to Lincoln, but he is exactly that.  The U.S. faced dissolution then, and it faces dissolution now.  Joe Biden is a confused, addled man, easily manipulated; he never had core beliefs beyond exerting his power over those to whom he felt superior.  Harris, as everyone on both sides of the aisle knows by now, is arrogant and not very bright.  If she hasn't learned by age 55 to be civil to others, she never will.  Like Hillary, she does crave power, but she lacks the humanity to use it wisely.  Like Pelosi, Harris is a nasty piece of work.  May Americans realize what is at stake and re-elect Trump in a landslide that puts to bed disputed results.  The preservation of America depends on it.  

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