Masks and magical thinking

I never fail to laugh at people wearing a mask while jogging, bicycling, or driving alone.  And I see a lot of them in my neighborhood populated largely by professors and professionals with degrees.  We may have the most superstitious educated class since the days of phlogiston theory.

There is no conceivable benefit, and there are some risks to wearing masks when nowhere near anybody else, from inhaling moisture, bacteria, and too much exhaled carbon dioxide.  For these people, masks have become a talisman, a magical object that confers some unstated benefit (resistance or immunity to infection from people who aren't near enough to infect them?) despite no scientific possibility of health assistance.

Yet, because Democrats see an opportunity to demonize President Trump over his eschewing of mask-wearing when nowhere near anyone else, Joe Biden is going overboard, apparently believing that he is signaling his virtue by wearing not just one, but two masks in a public appearance standing at least 20 feet away from others.  This was the scene last Friday when Biden was interviewed at KTNV TV in Las Vegas:

Biden is at least 20 feet away from others, social distancing on steroids.  But look a bit closer at Biden: he is wearing two masks, and you can see the border of the inner mask peeking out from the outer mask.

Credit for both photos: YouTube screen grabs (cropped).

If you care to play the video and listen, you will discover that Biden is comically muffled, speaking through all that protection.

A cynic might suggest that with Biden so frequently lapsing into incoherence, muffling his words is a plus.  But I think the point is not to be safe, but rather to terrify voters into believing that the worst plague since the Black Death is among us and President Trump is responsible.  That's why, as Doctor Joondeph points out elsewhere on these pages today, the media arm of the Democrats is conflating positive tests for COVID with actual cases and bombarding us with "public service" ads urging us all to wear masks.  People wearing masks symbolize a nation at grave risk.

Democrats have inverted the most famous words of the most famous Democrat president ever.  "The only thing they have to sell is fear itself."

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