In Arizona, Biden's supporters left something to be desired

People are noticing the missing crowds when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris visited Phoenix on Thursday.  Not a single person turned out to cheer on the Democrat party candidates.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  That is stunning.  Trump-supporters find this heartening when comparing this to the crowds who turn out for Trump.  However, we may be making head-to-head comparisons between the wrong crowds.  The critical metric might not be Biden crowds versus Trump crowds.  It might be Trump-supporters' enthusiasm versus Black Lives Matter protesters' enthusiasm — and the latter could win.

NewsNOW, at Fox, reported on a stop that Biden and Harris — traveling in their "Battle for the Soul of the Nation" bus — made in Phoenix, Arizona.  After showing a sparsely populated interior space, which is typical for Biden appearances, the report then shifted to the area outside the museum where the event was held.

What's caught people's attention is that there is not a single Biden-supporter outside the venue.  As the reporter on the scene says, "there's really not much to see. ... It's kind of boring out here."  She explains that a Biden staffer assured her that this is intentional.  The narrative is that the Biden/Harris team actively doesn't want crowds, so they're not telling people about their events to ensure that no more than 50 people ever show up.  The excuse is the pandemic.

Lee Smith points out that, in a way, the Biden and Harris campaign is correct that crowds are irrelevant.  They know they can't sell an old politician who's showing signs of dementia (possibly Parkinson's-related?) and a young politician who couldn't even get her own state to vote for her in the primaries.  This cross-country campaign, as much as anything, is misdirection to hide what's really going on, which is campaign corruption across the board:

Meanwhile, in Miami, between 20,000 and 30,000 Trump-supporters turned out for a massive caravan — and Trump wasn't even in town:

The Miami car parade was unusual even by Trump standards, but the reality is that Trump-supporters all over America turn out on boats, in cars, and on foot to show their support for Trump.  And invariably, almost no one shows up for Biden.  That's the kind of thing that makes Trump-supporters pretty sure that the polls are lying.

But stop and think for a minute about the times Biden's supporters were willing to show up.  They took to the streets in the tens of thousands for the Black Lives Matter marches.  That's where the enthusiasm on the left lies.  It's not there for Biden and Harris; it's there for hating America, the police, and white people.

This raises the possibility that the mystifying support the polls show for Biden is also misdirection, in the same way that the Biden/Harris campaign's bus tour is a pretense.  The pro-Biden polls may be reflecting the Democrat energy that powered the protests and riots.  That is, when pollsters call and ask a BLM household whether its votes will be for Biden or Trump, whoever answers the phone will say "Biden," because Biden is a figurehead for the BLM vote.

If that's the case, Trump-supporters had better not get cocky.  After all, while comparing Trump rallies to Biden rallies bodes well for Trump, comparing Trump rallies to Black Lives Matter rallies creates a different picture of voter enthusiasm.  It's possible that enough voters who hate America so much that they'll vote for the "not-Trump candidate."  That would be enough to put Biden in the White House and give Democrats control over Congress.

I prefer to be optimistic and think the pollsters are making the same mistakes they made in 2016, but realism must temper optimism.  Otherwise, we risk going as crazy as the Democrats did.

Hat tip: Conservative Treehouse.

Image: Biden Harris campaign event in Phoenix.  YouTube screen grab.

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