Biden gaslights Americans over who was responsible for the lockdown

For months, Democrats said that President Trump, because he wanted to limit lockdowns across America to save the economy, was deliberately killing Americans.  Joe Biden even promised that he would shut down all of America to save lives.  On Saturday, though, America learned that the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that lockdowns put harmful economic pressure on the poor.  That very day, Joe Biden told the Big Lie when he attacked Trump for shutting down America and destroying the economy.

Twenty twenty has been an eventful year, so let me refresh your recollection of the way Democrats embraced lockdowns and savagely attacked Trump for trying to save the American economy from a complete collapse:

March 25: "D.C. Mayor: 'Alarming Trump Putting Economy 'Ahead of Saving Lives.'"

March 26: Trump's Push to Open Economic Could Come at Cost of Lives.

April 21: "WOW: Trump's Decision to Put Economy Ahead of Lives Causes His Support Among Seniors to Drop Like a Rock."

May 5: "The price of [Trump's] reopening the economy: tens of thousands of American lives."

July 28: "Trump, GOP senators again put economic openings ahead of suppressing virus."

In an article from May at Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan wrote about the divide between the lockdown Democrats and the economy Republicans:

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll released Thursday, 88% of Democrats believe the top priority of America is to "stay home, slow virus spread." Only 12% said the top priority should be "back to work, get economy going." Sixty-two percent of Republicans, on the other hand, favored getting the economy going as the top priority, while 38% felt staying at home is the top priority. Put another way, the net difference between Democrats and Republicans on what the top priority of the country should be is 50 percentage points.

Part of the schism was because so many Democrats have white-collar/computer-based jobs that enable them to keep earning money from home.  Even as they slobbered praise over store clerks and truckers, they didn't care if most blue-collar people — that is, people who hold more physical jobs, rather than just sitting at a keyboard — went broke because of the lockdowns.

Skype and Zoom workers were desperately afraid of illness and lacked empathy and imagination for the brave people who kept America functioning.  Trump, however, never lost sight of those people and pushed to keep the country working, even as the Democrats accused him of mass murder.

As late as August 23, when Biden was making his pitch to the Skype and Zoom crowd, he assured them that he would lock the country down in a New York minute to save them:

Everything changed for the Democrats on Saturday.  That was when the WHO's "special envoy on COVID-19" said countries must stop lockdowns because they cause economic harm to the most vulnerable people (often non-white people) and potentially create conditions for mass starvation.  Put another way, Trump (again) was right all along when he said that, after the U.S. had flattened the curve and was medically ready to deal with the virus, the economic harm from lockdowns would cause more harm than the virus itself.

When Biden's campaign heard the WHO's edict, it didn't quietly rejigger its position on lockdowns.  Instead, it decided to gaslight Americans by pretending it was Trump who pushed the lockdowns:

Speaking to a reporter in Erie, Pennsylvania, Biden was asked if he would support a "nation-wide shutdown," and he replied, "No, look, he's the guy that shut it down," referring to Trump.

"Let's get this straight, he shut it down," Biden said with disdain.

Biden just told the Big Lie — and because we have an utterly corrupt media, at least half of America, despite hearing Democrats insist for months that Trump's concern for the economy was going to kill them, will suddenly accept this new version of events.  Everything else will be memory-holed.

It's up to you, American conservatives, to hang on to the truth.  Otherwise, we will know that we're already living in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Image: Lockdown in New York.  YouTube screen grab.

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