La Niña has arrived: Near-term cooling

Last week, the Global Warming Policy Forum headlined "La Niña Is Here."  Why the headline?  Because the warming El Niño is over, and the change to La Niña represents cooling.  Like seasonal and actual climate change, it is a regular event, which in physics means logical and predictable.  And some cooling is showing up in various charts.  Well, in the ones not altered by climate promoters. Can you imagine having any number of computer "models" predicting "tipping points" and out-of-control warming, but it never happens?  Actually, in order to avoid unacceptable self-doubt, the climate-hysteria community then spends even more computer time altering the actual temperature record.  To fit their failing hypothesis.  Tony Heller and his new colleague, Kirye, regularly show how fraudulent the promotion has been.  Basically, the control...(Read Full Post)
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