Why the left cries 'fascist'!

One doesn't have to wade far into the social media cesspool to see posts labeling the president "fascist."  It's ubiquitous too for anyone critical of BLM-Antifa to be labeled similarly. Do the online posters and name-callers know of which they speak (or type or text or tweet)?  Or do they simply mean something or someone they don't like?  If the latter, it is not uncommon.  A recent piece at Jacobin, "a leading voice of the American left," included this: There are countless examples of journalists and contemporary historians taking a strong and understandable dislike to political figures in the present day, reinterpreting the concept of fascism so that it refers to whatever processes they reject in the present, and then hunting for echoes of them in the past. Appearances of the word "fascism" in books peaked around 1941, then plummeted, and have been rising steadily since...(Read Full Post)
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