The ultimate swindle

It is easy to understand why people would vote for Joe Biden when one considers the millions of Americans who fall victim to consumer fraud each year.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, 3.2 million reports of fraud were filed in 2019, totaling $1.9 billion in losses.  Those who separate people from their hard earned finances and sense of security are not necessarily the shady, smarmy characters who lurk in the cover of darkness, but well trained, believable purveyors of deceit.  Slow Joe fits the bill on both of those descriptions, making him the poster boy of fraud.

Those who commit fraud have to be good at lying, and we know that Joe excels in this arena.  During the debate, he tossed out the usual non-truths regarding Trump's so-called allegiance to white supremacists, the booming economy under the Obama/Biden regime, and the biggest doozy of all: that he's a moderate Democrat.  Trump's allotted time and allowance to fully disassemble these fabrications was scarce, so those easy to con didn't have an occasion to be enlightened.  Susceptible viewers will take Joe's word because they believe he is one of them, just as those who succumb to fraud believe that the deceitful seller of goods is looking out for their interests.

A good shill needs to be a good cheat, and Biden is the consummate con man.  His refusal to take a drug test or be checked for electronic devices prior to the debate looked suspicious to the discerning consumer, but not to those prone to trickery.  Biden is the head of a party of cheats, now scrambling to change debate rules and voting methods to favor their figurehead.    

Vulnerable consumers and those on the fence had better wake up or Joe will not only cheat them out of their finances, he'll make sure that they're cheated out of liberty, justice, and all that is fundamentally good about America.  That would be the ultimate swindle.

Image: DonkeyHotey.

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