A measure of the relationship between global warming promotion and socialism

I happened to see a report entitled "Making the Grade? How State Public School Science Standards Address Climate Change" that was jointly issued this month by the National Center for Science Education and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.  Each state's standards on making sure public school students were properly indoctrinated with the orthodox view of "climate change" were graded from "A" to "F," just like school grades.  The Cato Institute ranks the level of freedom each state allows in a number of different areas.  Would there be a correlation between a state's level of economic freedom, as ranked by The Cato Institute, and the aforementioned grade on a state's teaching of "climate change"?

Why would we expect that there just might be such a correlation?  Perhaps because global warmism is promoted to spread Marxism and eliminate all free enterprise and economic freedom.  If this is meant to be a secret, it is certainly not a very well kept secret.

In a 2011 interview, "social activist'' Naomi Klein, author of the book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, elaborated on what needs to be done to save the Earth from global warming.  Namely, in her words, "You would have to deal with inequality.  You would have to redistribute wealth[.] ... You would have to regulate corporations.  You simply would have to...you would have to have a really strong United Nations."  And she makes clear that ending capitalism is a necessary step, saying, "A lot of the big green groups, are also in a kind of denial, because they want to pretend that this isn't about politics and economics, and say, 'Well, you can just change your light bulb.  And no, it won't really disrupt.  You can have green capitalism.'"

Not coincidentally, Klein is a leading anti-Israel advocate.  Destroying Western civilization, supporting terrorists, abolishing capitalism, ending Israel, and now using the laboratory-created Wuhan virus to shut the U.S. economy, are all one and the same platform.  The platform of one of the two major U.S. political parties.

Global warming is a hoax, but not a standalone hoax.  Memes band together for mutual survival.  The global warming hoax is part of the "progressive leftist" memeplex, together with other anti-American, anti-individual freedom, and anti–free enterprise dogmas.  As wits have put it, global warming was invented so that secularists could have an irrational, dogmatic religion, too.

A saying, well known, yet its origins unclear and presented in slightly different versions, is "In God we trust; others must provide data."  As we saw above, it was not very difficult to find some data.

When I analyzed statistics for research that would be presented in academic journals in areas where scholars would not necessarily be versed in statistics, I looked for simplicity and ease of understanding in the procedures to be done.  A simple procedure is called for here: correlation.  As both variables (climate change standards grade, economic freedom) are ordinal (ranked) data, Spearman's correlation is one of the proper choices.

Spearman's Rho, the correlation, was found to be -0.422.  (Customarily, p would be reported, and here it is 0.002, significant, but as we have scores for the entire population — i.e., all 50 states — rather than for a sample from a population, p is not necessary.)  There is a negative correlation between how well the orthodox view of "climate change" is taught in a state and the level of economic freedom in that state.  This is conformation of the relationship between global warmism and socialist economics.  A Spearman's Rho of -0.422 indicates a relatively strong association (standards vary, this interpretation is according to the influential work of Rea and Parker).

Of the ten states with the most economic freedom, only two had "B" or above grades on teaching climate change, and five received a "D" or "F."  Of the ten states with the least economic freedom, all got a grade of at least a "B+" on teaching climate change.

It should be noted that the measure of a state's economic freedom used here was one calculated before Wuhan virus was used by Democratic governors to shut down free enterprise in their states to a level previously unthinkable.  It is a logical conjecture that having a measure taking that into account would produce an even larger correlation, impressive as is the one found.

Dr. Alexander Nussbaum has had articles in a number of magazines, including articles on the history of statistics, intelligent design, and surveys on science beliefs.

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