They love Amy

Can you feel their pain?  The charming Judge Barrett is driving the Democrats crazy.  First, she knows more about the law than the they do.  Second, the public loves Amy, according to a new poll:

A Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday found that 48 percent of respondents favor Barrett's confirmation, with just 31 percent opposed. That's up 11 points from the Sept. 26 announcement of her nomination, when Morning Consult pegged support for her confirmation at 37 percent.

Support for Barrett has climbed among independents and even Democrats. Independents favor her confirmation 38-31, up 10 points from Sept. 26. A quarter of Democratic voters believe she should be confirmed, up from 14 percent in September.

Opposition to her nomination is strongest among Democratic women, at 59 percent. Women overall favor her confirmation 40-35.

Yes, they love Amy out there.  Why is that?  Let me tell you what I'm hearing:

First, Catholic women love her.  My friends at the Catholic church just love her demeanor and those kids to her right.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am Catholic, and we tend to have a lot of kids.  I recall a friend in Texas, who is a professional photographer, tell me that they love Catholics because they have so many kids to organize for a photo. 

Second, my guess is that professional conservative women love the picture of an accomplished judge who loves motherhood as much as she does the law.

Third, she projects the kind of inner peace that any religious person can relate to.  She reminds me of then-governor George W. Bush debating V.P. Al Gore and just sitting there and not getting worked up by his antics.

The lady is a champ, and that is driving more and more Democrats to make total fools of themselves.

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Image: White House.