Yet another 'surprise' sex assault claim emerges against Trump. Yawn.

The Guardian reported on Thursday that Amy Dorris, a former second-tier model and actress, had suddenly popped out of the woodwork to claim that, 23 years ago, Trump kissed and groped her when she was a guest in his private box at the U.S. Open.  Trump firmly denies that this ever happened. Whatever happened in 1997, this is a non-story.  True or false, it's a re-run of the "grab 'em by the p----" October surprise story from 2016.  The timing makes the truth of the story suspect; it describes behavior that was still reasonably normative in the mid-1990s; and the left gave Joe Biden a pass for digitally raping a young employee in Congress.  If this is a dead horse, the left killed it. Amy Dorris is a former bit-part actress, small-time model, and P.R. person, who is now a full-time wife and mother.  Dorris gave a big interview to The Guardian in which she claimed that, when she was a guest in...(Read Full Post)
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