When it comes to attacking Trump, the Atlantic can’t control itself

Much of the Labor Day weekend was given over to the Democrats pushing, and the Republicans quickly debunking, a rather grotesque story in The Atlantic.  According to the magazine's anonymous sources, Trump hates the military.  And according to several people willing to go on the record, including those who don't much like the president, Trump reveres the military, which he's funded and protected.

On Friday, the same day the lie emerged, Hidin' Joe Biden showed up in Kenosha, where he gave a little talk and answered a few loving questions from reporters.  The very first question came from Edward-Isaac Dovere, an Atlantic reporter, and it was an embarrassing set-up to allow Biden to attack Trump for the latter's alleged hostility to the military:

This morning in reference to that article in The Atlantic, in a call convened by your campaign, Khizr Khan said that the comments demonstrated that President Trump's life is a testament to selfishness and that his soul is that of a coward. You've talked about this as a different view of how you see the job as the president, but when you hear these remarks, suckers, losers, recoiling from amputees, what does it tell you about President Trump's soul and the life he leads?

Dovere is not a journalist.  He's a Democrat activist thinly disguised as a journalist.

On Sunday, Dovere was at it again, running interference for Biden.  The object of his anger was two tweets, both from people openly and honestly working to re-elect Donald Trump.  The first showed a much younger Biden cradling one of his children, with the child wearing a Redskins hat.  The tweet dated back to July, when the Redskins abandoned their name for a "watch this space" name, even though neither fans nor Native Americans found the old name offensive.  Over the photo, Steve Guest asked, "Hey, Joe Biden, are you still a Redskins fan?"

It turns out that the child in the photo was Biden's son Beau, who died some time ago.  According to Dovere, all images of Beau as a child are now off-limits.  (And according to CNN, all photos showing the old Redskins logo are also off-limits, because CNN airbrushed out the logo on Beau's hat when it reprinted that same photo in a recent homage to the wonders of Joe.)

Moreover, according to Dovere, all photos of Joe in graveyards are off-limits because Dovere cannot imagine a reason other than visiting his son that might take a politician to a graveyard.  Here is Dovere's tweet to that effect:

However, any person who's actually a reporter and not a deskbound Democrat activist hiding out at a once reputable magazine should have discovered instantly that Biden wasn't visiting Beau’s grave:

In the pre–World War II era, before journalism schools created the pretense that there exist nonpartisan, professional, investigative journalists, reporters were open in their biases.  They also actually investigated things, doing the legwork to ferret out facts for stories that were about politically neutral subjects or were openly meant to advance their preferred political goals.

Our modern reporter class in the mainstream media is the worst of all worlds.  They're hopelessly biased but insist that they're nonpartisan, and they're incapable of investigating anything.  Watching them at work, it's a miracle that they can make it from their bedrooms to their kitchens every morning.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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