Critical race theory is the most dangerous ideology in America today

For a long time, it's been hard to distinguish between Babylon Bee headlines and actual news headlines.  The creative minds behind the Babylon Bee therefore decided that it was time to create a new website, Not the Bee, which is devoted to the craziest things the left produces that are true, rather than being satire.  Sometimes, though, crazy is scary, and there are few things more frightening than watching critical race theorist Ashleigh Shackelford explain to a room full of white people that they are not human.

Although you might think what the video you're about to watch shows is some bizarre, underground, sadomasochist club in which white people pay to be ritually abused by a modern-day version of the Venus of Willendorf, all in the name of sexual kicks, you'd be wrong.  Shackelford seems to be making a nice living selling Critical Race Theory (which means nothing more than anti-white racial abuse) to all sorts of institutions.

At her website, Shackelford boasts about sharing "her brilliance" with "New York University, University of Richmond, Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat, The Movement for Black Lives, and the City of Richmond."  Universities!  Cities!  Movements!  Shackelford must be selling some pretty impressive information.  Who is she?  What does she offer?

Well, this is Shackelford's "about" section:

Hunter Ashleigh Shackelford (she/ they) is a Black fat cultural producer, multidisciplinary artist, nonbinary shapeshifter, hood feminist, and data futurist based in Atlanta, Georgia, with roots in Richmond, Virginia. She is the creator and director of a Southern body liberation organization, Free Figure Revolution, which focuses on decolonizing antiblack body violence. With bylines in Wear Your Voice Magazine, For Harriet, Buzzfeed, and Black Girl Dangerous, Ashleigh illustrates the relationship between Blackness, fatness, desire, queerness, afrotechnology, and popular culture.

Ashleigh is the project director and creator of 'The Fat Census' and the 'Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey.' The Fat Census collected over 6,000 responses from 49 countries worldwide and is the first international radical data collection for and by fat people. As a data futurist, Ashleigh curates more information to create tangible resources for vulnerable communities in addition to programming and safe spaces for marginalized bodies.

Ashleigh has utilized organizing, community kickbacks, real nigga shit, and art to ignite consciousness raising and political conversations around the issues of antiblack violence. From protesting, writing, data futurism, community safe spaces, and visual art shows - Ashleigh moves in the legacy of freedom fighting from her home base in the urban South and beyond.

The shtick Shackelford sells universities, cities, and movements is as bad as you might imagine, which gets us back to Not the Bee.  It obtained a video of one of Shackelford's seminars, in which she cheerfully tells the chastened white attendees that they are racist, sub-human demons.  The only thing missing from the abuse session is her black leather corset, dominatrix heels, and whip:

The written presentations Shackelford offered in support of her critical race theory are just as crazy as her words.  Among other things, Shackelford attacks capitalism as racist, even though it is the most colorblind system in the world.

It's easy enough to laugh at what Shackelford is selling but, as Tucker Carlson explains, this kind of racist, divisive material is selling for big bucks in the corporate world and, until Trump's Friday order ending critical race theory training in the federal government, was also generating big taxpayer bucks for race-hustlers like Shackelford.

In other words, up until Friday, we taxpayers were being milked of money — upon penalty of imprisonment — to fund seminars offering material every bit as racist and divisive as the ideology that led to the Civil War.  This whole line of thinking needs to stop instantly before America is catapulted into a second Civil War that promises to be infinitely more destructive than the first.

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