Tulsi Gabbard is back, positioning herself as last sane Democrat

Tulsi Gabbard is back, looking splendid as ever. And she's got a cause any sane voter interested in free and fair elections can support, sponsoring a bipartisan bill targeting the odious practice of ballot-harvesting.  The Hawaii representative's bill, co-sponsored with Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois, calls for a withholding of federal funds for states that refuse to ban the practice, where sleazy political operatives target vulnerable voters in their homes and "helpfully" collect their ballots for them, doing what they need to do with make sure the vote goes in the direction of their party with the broken chain of custody before turning the ballots in.  It's a fount of potential voter fraud.  Banning ballot harvesting is not a partisan issue. It's been used & abused in states like North Carolina and California & is ripe for fraud. That's why I intro'd HR8285, the Election...(Read Full Post)
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