The choice? Trump or tyranny

As everyone surely knows by now, if one searches online for, you will be taken to the Biden/Harris website. 

Joe Biden has been fundraising among members of the Marxist organization Antifa, which partners with the also Marxist Black Lives Matter.

As everyone surely knows by now as well, the Biden campaign and the core of the Democrat party have promoted, encouraged, and approved of the months of rioting, looting, and vandalism that have destroyed thousands of small businesses throughout numerous American cities, all of them run by foolish Democrats who thought giving cover to paid thugs would help them defeat Trump.  So after months of death and destruction during which no Democrat had a single word of condemnation, everyone knows they celebrated the violence, rationalized the looting, and now blame the president for all the thuggery!

It won't wash; they are on record asking for uprisings, unrest in the streets, and protests never meant to be peaceful. 

This roving band of hired guns that travel from city to city to harass law-abiding citizens are well paid, put up in fine hotels, supplied with all manner of riot gear — bricks, baseball bats, fireworks, guns, and ammo.  They are sent to do damage without regard for the lives or the businesses they destroy, the cities they devastate.  Their goal is to foment a race war that leads to the chaos we've all seen across the nation and the ultimate end of America as founded.

For all of us who have watched the barbarity of these hired goons, in Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, New York, and Kenosha, allowed to riot with impunity, we know that this is not the country in which we grew up.  What we are seeing unfold on the streets of America is a calculated war against the civilized society we once took for granted, and the Democrat party is behind it all.

Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Waters, et al. — they are all on record encouraging the rioting, the looting, and the destruction.  Kamala Harris gleefully promises that it will not end before the election or after!  Their not so subtle delight at the results is disgusting.  Harris and her pals have been raising money to bail out the vandals in the states that still have cash bail.

This much is clear: the left supports the criminals and loathes law enforcement, hands down, while the right prefers law and order and reveres our police.  Biden's recent conversion to an anti-riot stance is fake.  His supporters are the looters in the streets, Antifa and BLM, who are donating to his campaign.  They must be certain that a Biden residency would not impinge on their radical violence in the streets. 

There will forever be people who think equality, diversity, and inclusion can be legislated into being, so they impose these lofty but unreasonable regulations upon us all.  But this 2020 woke nonsense is the stuff of theory that only exacerbates all the "problems" the left imagines plague us all.  This is not a racist nation, and our law enforcement personnel are neither cruel nor racist.  Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but they are rare.  But our left is never content to let people live their lives without government intrusion from their commandments, controls, and general interference.  The left can never just let us be.  Those who wield government power think we cannot navigate a pandemic without their intervention.  News flash!  We can.  Those of us who are older with underlying conditions know to stay home.  We do not need the rest of the population to put their lives on hold.  The lockdown, as Dennis Prager has wisely noted, was a mistake and is now a crime. 

That so many Americans have so submissively complied with the dictates of the ongoing lockdown is a tragedy; they've given up so many basic freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution without even questioning the veracity of their Democrat governors' and mayors' claims, which are certainly suspect.  The numbers just don't add up to mask mandates and continued lockdown.  It is the big con.

These Democrat governors are using the virus and the lockdown to tank the economies of their own states because they think a ruined economy will defeat Trump.  Do these Democrat governors and mayors care about the thousands of small businesses their strategy is shuttering forever?  Not one bit.  Their losses are just the cost of doing politics to governors such as Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Phil Murphy, Tom Wolf, and J.B. Pritzker.  They all live by different rules, like Nancy Pelosi.  The lockdown rules are for little people to obey, for the privileged elites with power to use for political purposes.

The Americans who support President Trump do so because they recognize the danger the current incarnation of the Democrat party represents — the end of America, the wholesale demolition of the United States as founded.  Trump is brash, a genial bull in our political china shop.  He has reversed much of the damage done by the Obama/Biden administration and put us back on the path to a strong economy for all and Americanism, the love of country that once characterized the entire nation.

If left to its own devices, the Democrat party as currently constituted, driven mad as they have been by President Trump's popularity and successes, would surely implement a Stalinist program to rid the country of his supporters if they could.  As it is, Google is working hard to manipulate their searches to see that the election results are what they want.  If all the cheating the left is planning succeeds in pulling off a Biden win in November, this country will be one step closer to a Stalinist, totalitarian dictatorship, for that is exactly what the American Democrat party envisions for itself — total power and revenge on anyone who supported Trump. 

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