Joe Biden and Trump's soul

Some reporter asked Biden how he feels about Trump's soul as if the latest story about Trump supposedly deriding U.S. troops were actually true from the Atlantic.  Actually, it was an Atlantic reporter who asked.  Match the picture here with this:

The Atlantic reporter's question was part of a litany of softball questions handed by the fawning press to the dotard at the top of the Democratic ticket:

Since there is no reason to believe the Atlantic story is true, why would a supposed reporter (from the Atlantic) ask the question?

John Bolton, who hates Trump, even said it sure wasn't what he heard.

If the Atlantic practiced actual journalism instead of public relations for the Democrats, there are all kinds of "soul" questions the reporter could have asked.

How about: Joe, how do you feel about your soul when you continually lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville?

What about your and Hillary's souls as you greatly enriched yourselves and your families with huge kickbacks from foreign parties while supposedly serving at the public trough?

What do you think of Bill's and Hillary's souls as they sought to destroy the women that Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused over decades?

What do you think about the souls of all the people willing to destroy Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump and his family, Carter Page, and others with lies and investigations based on a fake dossier bought and paid for from a foreign spy by Hillary and the DNC?  Do you believe that people who lied to the FISA courts to get permission to spy have good souls?

What do you think about the souls of Kamala Harris and others who were willing to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh with absolutely zero evidence?

What do you think of President Obama's and Hillary Clinton's souls when they left Americans to die in Benghazi while they concocted a lie to blame a video?

Isn't it soulless to lie to the families of those who died?  Doesn't that show that the Obama administration cared more about power than having empathy?

Why would a reporter believe that Biden would be able to evaluate anyone's soul?  It is a shame that instead of being curious journalists, what we have are over 90% of supposed journalists campaigning for the corrupt, incompetent Joe.

Image credit: CSPAN screen shot from shareable video.

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