Some questions for Biden at the first debate

Fox News has been promoting the upcoming presidential debate that will be moderated by their own Chris Wallace.  The reporters on Fox have been assuring their viewers that Biden will not escape challenging questions from the tough-reporting Wallace.  I am not that hopeful.  Wallace got the job in part because Biden has declined to be interviewed by Wallace on Fox News Sunday.  That is no guarantee that he will ask Biden tough questions. Fox News screen grab. If you are a Trump-supporter, this is not encouraging news.  Wallace's Sunday program has been very tough on Trump, particularly on his handling of the pandemic.  What worries me is not that he will go after Trump, but that he will not ask Biden difficult questions that force him to choose between the radical Democratic Party base and the more moderate but also more numerous center-left of the party. Here are a few questions for Biden that might clarify his...(Read Full Post)
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