Black Lives Matter and Antifa: the sorcerer's apprentices

Goethe's poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," made famous by Disney's 1940 film Fantasia, tells the tale of a sorcerer who has left an apprentice to do the chore of fetching water for him.  Lacking the work ethic required, the amateur apprentice bewitches a broom to do his work and takes a nap.  He awakens to see that the castle is flooded.  He tries stopping the broom with an axe, but he is insufficiently trained to manage the magic required to stop it, and the splintered broom becomes multiple brooms, all carrying buckets of water that continue to flood the sorcerer's castle.  The apprentice is overwhelmed.  He cannot stop the brooms from replicating themselves.  Finally, the sorcerer appears and puts a stop to the spell. The castle is de-flooded, and the apprentice is sternly reprimanded — damage done and undone.

Given what we have seen happen in cities across the nation these past four months, the fable seems an apt analogy for the devastation wrought by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, those allegedly spontaneous uprisings that have devastated numerous cities, causing multi-millions of dollars of damage, mostly to small businesses.

But this devastation cannot be undone by magic.  No doubt, those who are the masters of these two symbiotic organizations are thrilled with the destruction wrought in their names, but the glee with which these people loot, vandalize, set fire to family businesses and attempt the assassination of law enforcement has gotten away from the people funding and supporting them.

Kamala Harris celebrates all this violence, promises its continuation, but she is misreading the American people.  They are sick to death of the violence perpetrated by these thugs, who seem to have multiplied like the sorcerer's apprentice's brooms.  They are always miraculously prepared, organized and well supplied to riot the moment an event presents itself, no matter how illegitimate.  Any incident involving law enforcement and a nonwhite person is instantly a cause for rioting, no matter how criminally guilty he may be.  The self-important, self-satisfied leaders of these ruinous structures have become the architects of their own demise.  They have set into motion a movement that will soon devour them as surely as the French Revolution consumed its progenitors. 

Unsurprisingly, Marx and Engels referenced Goethe's poem.  They thought the modern bourgeois society they so loathed was "the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells."  Seems apt.  The catastrophic damage done by BLM and Antifa may well guarantee President Trump's re-election.  It certainly should.  Most Americans abhor the violence in the streets that has been so obviously organized and well funded, its recruits trained and well paid and generously supplied with weapons of war.  Who on Earth thinks arson, looting, targeting our police, rudely and violently harassing people as they sit on the sidewalks at their favorite restaurants is going to win over friends and supporters?

The masters and subjects of these despicable groups obviously do.  Our left is convinced that all Americans are consumed with envy and thus enjoy seeing the livelihoods of others destroyed.  The self-righteous anger and entitlement they've been taught to presume will be their undoing.  The majority of Americans now see them as the enemies of civilized society they are.  They are the apprentices' brooms: the more they multiply, the more damage they do, the more civilized Americans want to see them stopped and charged with the crimes they are committing with apparent impunity. 

Who will be the voice of sanity?  Who will make them stop?

Certainly not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.  Neither of them nor any other Democrat in Congress has uttered a word of condemnation of the rioting.  It is their supporters, their donors, who are funding the riots and raising money to bail out those charged.  They've bailed out several who once released went on to murder.

So it is the voters who must be the voice of reason.  There cannot possibly be a majority of Americans who support the violence they are seeing in their streets, the breakdown of civil society, the pernicious lockdowns meant to destroy our economy, the absurd vilification of our police, the use and abuse of COVID, and the authoritarianism they have adopted because of it.

How are the mask-enforcers at all different from Hitler's brownshirts?  We are experiencing the calculated sorcery of the despotic left.  They have for several generations now been indoctrinating their willing subjects — schoolchildren, university students, consumers of the mainstream and social media and entertainment.  Too many of their subjects have become compliant handmaidens to this intolerant ideology of our left.

The venerable Dr. Jack Wheeler has been publishing excerpts of his upcoming book at his site,  The Fascist Metaphysics of Marxism appeared this week, in which he convincingly compares Marxism to the black magic of tribal societies.  "What Marxists call 'exploitation,' the anthropologists call 'black magic.' At its core, it is institutionalized envy."

This perfectly describes the Democrat Party today, having been maneuvered there by the eight years of the Obama administration.

By example, Wheeler relates how in so many tribal societies success beyond fellow members of the tribe is seen as a betrayal of the others. While our Democrat Marxists believe themselves to be oh, so, progressive, selfless and as modern social justice warriors, they are in fact "atavistic and represent a regression to a primitive tribal mentality."

So on one hand, we have the Democrat governors who have not only allowed the destruction of their cities but refused help from the federal government offered by President Trump. The mainstream media of course is also on the side of the rioters. On the other is the president and his supporters who crave the civilized society they once took for granted. They revere their law enforcement personnel; disbanding and defunding them is unthinkable for these Americans but disbanding and defunding them is what Biden and Harris support.

The Marxism that the Democrat Party has so willingly embraced – redistribution of wealth and all that entails - like socialism and communism everywhere, has been tried, has failed miserably, always with poverty, starvation, and ultimately genocide. That it can ever succeed is magical thinking.

The Democrat Party of today, the one that has put forth the cognitively-impaired Joe Biden as its presidential candidate, is rooted in the regressive party of envy that Wheeler describes. In closing, another of his quotes: "What makes envy so horribly destructive is that envy is not only malicious –filled with schadenfreude, malicious glee, that the envious feels at, e.g., the sight of some "rich bastard" getting his comeuppance, it is self malicious."

And that mindset, ladies and gentlemen, is what is at stake on Nov. 3. President Trump is the last man standing between these backward-thinking tribalists who see themselves as sorcerers who can bewitch us all into voting for this great nation's demise and the freedom and liberty the Founders set down in our Constitution. 

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."  —Thomas Jefferson

Image credit: Loren Javier via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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