James O'Keefe's enemies are trying to use the police state to stop him

James O'Keefe released a video bombshell revealing that Ilhan Omar's Fifth District in Minneapolis is home to a vast ballot-harvesting fraud, all aimed at getting her, and people associated with her, elected.  Faced with apparently irrefutable evidence, O'Keefe's political opponents are looking for other avenues of attack.  In a move reminiscent of life in a police state, one group is trying to get him arrested in New York for failing to quarantine.

On Sunday, James O'Keefe's organization, Project Veritas, released a video providing compelling and seemingly irrefutable evidence that there is a massive ballot scheme in Minneapolis's Fifth District, which is Ilhan Omar's home district.  According to hidden camera footage and witness testimony, Omar's political machine pays people to go to nursing homes and collect blank ballots from residents.  Some of them are even paid for handing over their ballots.  O'Keefe promises a further video that will tie Omar, and possibly other Progressive politicians in Minneapolis and Minnesota, directly to the fraud.

Based on past reports, Omar is at home with corruption.  Some documents appear to show her engaging in immigration fraud to get her brother into the country and defraud the education system.  Sadly, the federal government refused to do anything about these claims, perhaps fearing accusations of racism and homophobia.

The videotape that James O'Keefe has released, however, is going to be more challenging for the FBI to ignore.  It's hard to imagine any defense to the self-incriminating statements and witness testimony he's caught on tape.

Because they're unable to refute the evidence, those who wish to silence O'Keefe have had to use more roundabout tactics.  To that end, American Family Voices, a hard-left "pro-family" organization in the Elizabeth Warren camp, has reported to New York State that O'Keefe is a "COVID Super Spreader," who needs to be punished for violating New York State's laughable and almost certainly unconstitutional quarantine laws.  Here's the organization's simultaneously smug and hysterical press release:

According to the attached pictures from his own Instagram account, Project Veritas President James O'Keefe traveled both to Gettysburg, SD and Chaska, MN in the last week, before returning to Project Veritas headquarters in New York State. Both South Dakota and Minnesota have been designated as states with "significant community spread" by the New York State Department of Health, and as such any individual entering New York from those states is required to quarantine for 14 days and follow strict protocols including self-isolation. By his own admission, O'Keefe is clearly not social distancing or wearing a mask, whether in the Midwest or back in New York.

"Rightwing political hatchet-man James O'Keefe has long been known as a super spreader of misinformation, but is he also a super spreader of COVID-19?" asked Project Veritas Exposed Executive Producer and American Family Voices Executive Director Lauren Windsor. "It's clear that James has no respect for the truth, but now it's clear, too, that he has no respect for public health nor the safety of his own employees."

AFV reported O'Keefe's flagrant disregard for the law and public health to the New York State Department of Health and the Westchester County Health Commissioner tip lines. AFV encourages others with any knowledge of O'Keefe's movements to come forward.

Anyone caught violating New York's rules can be heavily fined ($2,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for the second, and $10,000 for actually causing harm).  People in New York for 24 hours or less need not quarantine, although they're asked to respect social distancing and mask requirements.

I'm not the most adept person at reading Instagram, but I don't see anything on O'Keefe's Instagram feed showing that he landed permanently at any time in New York, a fact that would require him to quarantine himself.  There's also no proof that he wasn't quarantining along with others who traveled with him.

Also, to give a little perspective, South Dakota, which O'Keefe visited and which New York has designated as a danger zone, has had 218 deaths and a total of 21,738 cases.  By contrast, New York State has had 25,468 deaths (23,810 of which were in New York City) and 456,460 cases.  You have to wonder who's a threat to whom.

What's most disturbing is that there's a totalitarian quality to the way Lauren Windsor, the executive director for American Family Voices, is trying to silence O'Keefe.  Because she cannot challenge his facts, she's hoping to use New York's police state to impose fines on him so heavy that he will be forced into silence.  It sounds more like Soviet Family Voices than anything connected with America.

Image: Screen grab of James O'Keefe's Instagram page.